Xavior has been compared the some of the best in his field [Sylvester, Byron Stingley and Kenny Bobien]. Although Xavior hates to be compared to Stingley and Bobien, he does appreciate their contributions to dance music. He feels that his style more represents a jazzy gospel influence than his peers. He also feels that he has yet to be heard because of the constant obstacles he faces because of the similarity in style. His work with DeepSwing only produced three singles, "Shelter", "I Promise You" and his biggest to date "Takin Me Higher".

It wasn't for the lack of trying that his work is sparingly. Xavior struggled against the politics of the business to get his voice heard. After deciding to part ways with DeepSwing Xavior took a break from the industry to pursue his painting. In 2001, Xavior decided to give it another try and hooked up with Jesse Outlaw (an old school mate of his) producing the tracks "Back2Love" aka "Mochico 4"; and "Season's Change". This gave Xavior the self-esteem to pursue producers that are willing to work with him. He is only beginning now to find his niche within the dance music community but plans to begin recording his first R&B/Soul project later this year. He is destine not to get stuck in the industries stereotyping and labeling by disguising his name for certain projects he does. Xavior has also started his own record label called Urth Muzik and his own clothing line "Abasi". "Trying to stay in the game and be respected as an artist is what I do best. I don't care if people like me, cuz I have people who love me" says the artist. "I want to be known by the world, and spread positive messages of God from my soul, I just hope the forces of God will let me"

Muzik Peeps - DeepSwing, PoundBoys, Eddie Amador, Jesse Outlaw, Julius Papp, Bruno Ybarra, David Harness, Raul Campos, DJ Wayne, Tony Powell, DJ Rolo, FagFridays Crew, Darryl D'Bonneau,Inaya Day, Soul Planet, Master Kev, Rated M,,Joceyln Brown, Kaya, Dave Moss, Louis B, MOS, Bump n Hustle, Marcia Carr, KCRW, Lance, Jamie, Nate Scott, ROI, KneeDeep, Neal, Voodoo Lounge, EndUp, Paul Trouble Anderson, Kerri Chandler,Evan and those I forgot to mention

Xavior AbduAbasi

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