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Well, we are in our third year. Can anyone offer a perspecive

  • Producers/DJs
    1. Carl Craig
    2. 4 hero
    3. Maurizio, aka Moritz Von Oswald
    4. Kenny Dixon Jr aka Moodymann
    5. Francois Kevorkian
    6. King Britt
    7. Theo Parrish


    1. Essential Mix[1CD, Amazon US]
      UK dance collection. Mixed by disco & house legend Francois K. This Album is a celebration of 25 years of New York dance music. 33 tracks from such artists as Earth, Wind & Fire, Chaka Khan, Kim English, Kraftwerk, Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Lisa Taylor, Francois K, Lil Louis and many more. 2000 release. Slimline double jewel case.
      Track Listings: - 1. M 4.5 Basic-Maurizio 2. Love Money-Funkmasters - 3. La-Kou-A-Jephte Guillaume 4. Just Pillau-Akwaaba 5. Starchild-Level 42 6. Squib Cakes-Tower Of Power 7. There Was A Time-James Brown 8. Song For My Brother-George Benson 9. In The Stone-Earth Wind And Fire 10. I Know You I Live You-Chaka Khan 11. Nacer Do Sol-Kyoto Jazz Massive 12. Free Yourself-Virgo 13. Learn 2 Luv-King English 14. Law & Order-Love Committee 15. African Drug-Bob Holroyd 16. Mambo-Wally Badarou 17. Dark-Renegade 18. Storm-Billy Cobham 19. Atmospheric Beats-Kerri Chandler 20. No Way Back-Adonis 21. Sure Know How To Love Your Man-Willie Hutch 22. Throw-Paperclip People 23. Home Computer-Kraftwerk 24. Award Tour-Tribe Called Quest 25. Say No Go-De La Soul 26. Keep On-D Train 27. Did You Pray Today-Lisa Taylor 28. Caravelle-Jazzanova 29. Groovin'-Francois K 30. Jazzmen-Lil Louis 31. Percussion-St Germain 32. Together Forever-Exodus 33. Dreams Of Dub-King Tubby
    2. INCredible Sound of Gilles Peterson [Amazon US]
      Gilles' excursions in jazz, hip hop, house, broken beats.
      1. Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow - Funkadelic 9. Upa Neguninho - Luiz Arruda Paez 2. Baila Piena (Off World Remix) - Papo Vasquez 10Mas Que Nada - Elza Soares 3. The Salon Section - Buscemi 11. Picadillo (Carl Craig's Breakdown Mix) - Johnny Bias 4. I Can See The Future (Ski'sa Main Mix) - Incognito 12. Coro Miyare - Fania All-Stars 5. I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun (4 Hero Mix) - Nu Yorican Soul 13. Skindo Le Le - Alive! 6. Nuther'n Like Thuther'n - Willis Jackson 14. See The Light - Eddie Russ 7. Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf (Part 2) - Jimmy Smith 15. Let The Sun Shine In - Sons And Daughters Of Life 8. If The Papes Come - A Tribe Called Quest 16. Spread Love - Lenny Fontana Presents Black Sun
    3. Hypercity - Andrew Weatherall [1 CD, Amazon US]
      Another mix disc by aficionado Andrew Weatherhall of Two Lone Swordsmen and Sabres of Paradise? Sign me up. Hold on, it's a stirred together collection of Germany's Force Inc and their sub-labels recent output (it appears). Meaning intricate, imminently danceable techno-meets-house is on order today, not the kind of music to grab the spotlight and run with it, but aptly suited to command your spirit all the same.

      M.R.I.'s 'To Be Honest' is a prime example of the operandi, with structured, building layers of muted drums and whispers, buried click-pops among the other surprises to peel back upon subsequent listens. Crane A.K.'s 'Polsterplanet' rides a shimmering synth over darting hi-hats while Safety Scissors' 'Form From Morf' seemingly spins back and forward sample snippets for a cool brain twister. Dirk Diggler's 'Silverfinger' is spot-on spatial minimalism dropping the pace before, by golly, an actual full-blown song ('Tessio' by Vladislav Delay alias Luomo) ends the glide on a warm, fuzzy note.

      There's not a bad track in the lot, and don't sweat the artist anonymity; if you recognize more than three anyway, it's time to join me in Music Junkies Anonymous. The term Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) having long been co-opted by the laptop warriors of the world and their fan base, I'm tempted to demand a moniker recall. 'Hypercity' truly represents music designed for the hips and aimed at your head, while leaving the spastic, glitch-probing on the hard drive. Richard Diaz for [...]

    4. Rhythmogenesis - M.R.I. [1 CD, Amazon US]
      MRI is a relatively new outfit composed of Germans Frank Elting and Stephan Lieb, and this full length does an excellent job of establishing them in the current minimal tech-house scene. Most of the track on the album are over 8 minutes long and develop very well through dreamy chords, delayed synth-lines, deep bass, and quirky samples. Any fan of Basic Channel, Richie Hawtin, Maurizio, Theorem, Sutekh, Kit Clayton, Vladislav Delay, or Thomas Brinkmann will rank this album as a top of 2000. [...]
    5. Vocal City - Luomo [1 CD, Amazon US]
      Luomo is the newest alias of the artist known best as Vladislav Delay, whose austerely minimalist dub-influenced tech-house is the stock in trade of the Chain Reaction and (to a lesser extent) Mille Plateaux labels. The extent to which fans of that sound are interested in this release should be partly the extent to which their tastes extend to the application of that aesthetic to vocal house-music tracks, which is what Mille Plateaux's Force Tracks imprint was created to explore. Although the more abstract house producers have often treated singers as source material hardly different from the electronic elements of the mix, the notion that vocals represent a "human" element, or at least a connection to the world of song, is hard to shake. Luomo may indeed shake you of that idea, as the vocals are just another one of the many layers on these dense tracks, often not appearing until after many minutes of slow accretion of sounds, at which time a few words or phrases are electronically processed and looped endlessly. All of which makes the track "Tessio" even more startling, when a full-fledged multi-voiced R&B song worthy of the Paradise Garage suddenly appears. Even from a musician who has been heading in a half-dozen directions at once over the past year, this is quite a surprising release. -Bob Bannister
    6. Matthew Herbert - Bodily Functions[1 CD, Amazon US]
      For some there's an obvious path in life. Matthew herbert has been playing music for as long as he can remember, taking up the piano and violin at the tender age of four. His father was a sound engineer for the BBC, and as a result the young Herbert was exposed to his extensive collection of musical gadgetry that lay around the home. At school, a music teacher heavily into jazz and pioneering composers such as Steve Reich gave musical insights that were beyond his years, whilst at University he studied drama in a conscious effort to avoid the clutches of classical music training. It was during these years spent in higher education that he first began to use sampling techniques in an exploration of the relationship between music and performance.
      [Bodily Functions features] finely crafted tunes spanning deep house, lounge piano ballad, acid jazz, and more. Highlights include 'You saw it all' which starts off with a funky dance groove reminiscent of vintage Stevie Wonder, and the totally unique 'Foreign Bodies'. Evident everywhere is a well honed sense of composition. Lyrically, the songs are connected, and the story they tell provides the glue that bonds this album's eclectic mix of musical styles into a creative whole. Stylistically, Herbert is not on the bleeding edge anywhere here, his artfulness lies in his sense of composition and attention to detail. I would hesitate to call this album a work of genius, but it's far better than most. -- Zachary Carter
    7. Vikter Duplaix [1CD, Amazon US]
      1. The Beginning - Critical Point 2. Together - Taurus (Cry Tuff Original) 3. Hold It Down - 4Hero 4. The Crossing (Opaque Mix) - P'Taah 5. Feelin Me Feelin You - Waiwan feat. L Heywood 6. You Saw It All - Herbert 7. Tree Of Life - Osunlade 8. Sensuality - Vikter Duplaix 9. The Way - Neppa Allstars 10. Happiness (A. Beedle Mix) - Shawn Lee 11. Berimbau - Mandrake 12. Free As The Morning Sun - Mr. Hermano 13. Welcome To The World - Hopper 14. Transition - Critical Point 15. How Do I Move - Spacek 16. Copa (Cabanga) - De La Soul 17. Bahamadia - Philadelphia 18. Bag Lady - Erykah Badu 19. Holy Sound - Philip Charles 20. The Sun - New Sector Movements
    8. DJ Kicks - Playgroup [1 CD, Amazon US]
      Playgroup producer Trevor Jackson has compiled the latest in the critically acclaimed DJ Kicks series.
      "I never went to the Roxy or Danceteria, but I went to the British equivalent of those clubs," producer Trevor Jackson has said, discussing his Playgroup project. Essentially, it's an English kid's grown-up homage to his teenage fantasy of early-'80s New York dance culture, a vision—filtered entirely through records and the music press, but not inaccurate—of downtown Manhattan as a polyrhythmically perverse utopia of sexual/racial border-crossing, rootless cosmopolitanism, and all-night parties tinged with noir sleaze. -- Simon Reynolds
      The next installment will hit the streets through Studio K7! on July 1, and features tracks from Maurice Fulton, Random Factor, Metro Area and Ralphi Rosario.
      Previous DJ Kicks releases have been compiled by luminaries such as Nightmares On Wax, Truby Trio, Stereo MCs, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Carl Craig and Stacey Pullen.
      Maurice Fulton presents Boof - We Ana Rago - You're God (I:Cube Remix) Material - Ciquri (Discomix) Harlequin Fours - Set It Off Impedance - Tainted Love Random Factor - Broken Mirror Cultural Vibe - Ma Foom Bey (Love Chant Version) Metro Area - Caught Up Tiny Trendies - The Sky Is Not Crying Smith 'N Hack - To Our Disco Friends Zongamin - Tunnel Music Charles Schillings - No Communication, No Love (Salt City Orchestra Mix) Nigo - March Of General (Chicken Lips Conquest Dub) Jay Walk - Buggin' Becky (Fully Bearded Mix) KC Flightt - Let's Get Jazzy (Dopy Dub Mix) Human League - Do Or Die (Dub) Parallax Corporation - Anti Social Tendencies Ralphi Rosario - Get Up Get Out Bobby O - Still Hott 4 U Dexter - I Don't Care Wanda Dee - Gonna Make You Sweat (Acapella) The Rapture - House of Jealous Lovers Flying Lizards - Money B
      Very enjoyable, harks back to early eighties electro music, mixing it up with newer shit, while sustaining the same vibe. 4/5

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