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Zeta One (1969) - Michael Cort

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Zeta One (1969) - Michael Cort

Zeta One (1969) - Michael Cort [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

This sexual cocktail of "Austin Powers"-type kitsch is based on a story from the popular sixties magazine Zeta. Following a game of strip poker, blonde bombshell Ann Olsen (Yutte Stensgaard) learns that Special Agent James Word (Robin Horden) is investigating Public Enemy No.1, Major Borden (James Robertson Justice). With the assistance of the nerdy Swyne (Charles Hawtrey), Borden is investigating a race of sexy, scantily-clad super women, led by the shapely Zeta (Dawn Addams). It seems that attractive young women are being abducted from Earth and then brainwashed into serving Zeta, all wearing kinky, fetishistic outfits. Borden's plan is to track down Zeta and her seductive sirens and become their new ruler.

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