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99 Records

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Liquid Liquid (1997) - Liquid Liquid [Amazon.com [FR] [DE] [UK]

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Hugely influential and independent record label that existed from 1980-1984. 99 (pronounced Nine Nine) Records was run out of a record store with the same name, located at 99 MacDougal Street in New York City's Greenwich Village, and owned by Ed Bahlman. Artists included ESG, Liquid Liquid, Bush Tetras, Glenn Branca, Y Pants, and others. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/99_Records [Oct 2006]

Ed Bahlman

Founded by Ed Bahlman, 99 Records chronicled New York's art/punk scene of the late 1970s and early 1980s. 99 released seminal works by composer Glenn Branca, as well as the minimalist, toy-piano- and ukulele-driven music of Y Pants. The sparse, tense funk of 99 recording artist ESG has lived on over twenty years later through hip-hop samples, as has the pioneering dance music of Liquid Liquid. Existing at the nexus of art and funk, 99 released records that sound as fresh and innovative today as they did 20 years ago.

No Wave

  • ESG and Liquid Liquid are two of my all time favorite groups. They are the nexus between No Wave (which was essentially noise music) and funk, a distinct NYC brand of neurotic funk. These bands were active at the beginning of the eighties and recorded for Ed Bahlman's 99 records. 99 records would put out in the US some of the music that was being released on English independent labels such as Rough Trade, Factory and Adrian Sherwood's On-U-Sound.


    Along with labelmates ESG, Liquid Liquid exemplified the minimalist funk movement that swept New York's music underground in 1981.


    99 records discography by Mark Turner

    99-01EP 12" Glenn Branca

    Lesson No. 1 for Electric Guitar/Dissonance

    99-02 7" Bush Tetras (All-girl NYC band, also on Fetish UK)

    Too Many Creeps//Snakes Crawl/You Taste Like The Tropics

    99-03EP 7" Y Pants

    Off The Hook/Beautiful Food//Favorite Sweater/Luego Fuego

    99-04EP/FAC-34 12" ESG

    You're No Good/Moody/UFO//Earn It/ESG/Hey!
    (B side live at Hurrah! 12/80)

    99-05EP 12" Vivien Goldman (former NME journalist)

    Dirty Washing EP (Launderette//Private Armies/P.A. Dub)

    99-06EP 12" Congo

    At The Feast EP

    99-07EP 12" Liquid Liquid

    Group Me Group//New Walk (live)/Lub Dupe (live)//
    Bell Head (live)/Rubbermiro

    99-08?? ?? Maximum Joy

    Stretch/Silent Street/Silent Dub

    99-09EP 12" Liquid Liquid

    Successive Reflexes EP (Lock Groove (in)/Lock Groove (out)//
    Push/Zero/Eyes Sharp)

    99-10EP 12" ESG

    Dance//The Beat/Moody

    99-11?? ?? Liquid Liquid


    99-12?? ?? ??

    99-13?? ?? Liquid Liquid

    Dig We Must/Flextone/D.D.Dig We Must (Remix)

    99-001LP LP Glenn Branca

    The Ascension (Branca's debut album, I believe)

    99-002LP LP Singers & Players

    War of Words (also released on On-U Sound UK)

    (Devious Woman/Quante Jubila/Sit and Wonder/Fit to Survive/
    Reaching the Bad Man/World of Dispensation/91 Vibration)

    99-003LP LP ESG

    Come Away With ESG

    (Come Away/Dance/Parking Lot Blues/You Make No Sense/Chistelle/About You//
    It's Alright/Moody (spaced out)/Tiny Sticks/The Beat/My Love For You)


    http://www.wfmu.org/Playlists/Douglas/dw.000720.html This page is dedicated to a three hour radio show dedicated to 99 Records


    1. Liquid Liquid - Liquid Liquid [Amazon US]
      1. Optimo 2. Cavern 3. Scraper 4. Out 5. Lock Groove (In) 6. Lock Groove (Out) 7. Push 8. Zero Leg 9. Eyes Sharp 10. GroupMeGroup 11. New Walk 12. Lub Dupe 13. Bell Head 14. Rubbermiro 15. Lock Groove (Live) 16. GroupMeGroup (Live) 17. Bell Head (Live) 18. Push (Live)

    2. ESG - A South Bronx Story [Amazon US]
      Early eighties New York No Wave. Compilation on Soul Jazz records. Moody is the track and the bassline you all know.

      ESG - A South Bronx Story Track listing: 1. You're no good 2. Moody 3. UFO 4. It's alright 5. Moody (spaced out) 6. Tiny sticks 7. My love for you 8. Come away 9. Dance 10. Parking lot blues 11. Chistelle 12. About you 13. Erase you 14. Get funky 15. Hold me right 16. I can't tell you what to do

    3. Lesson #1 (1980) - Glenn Branca [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]
      Reprint in CD single of the first GLENN BRANCA's EP originally released in 1980 on 99 Records.

      After the experience with the punk bands Theoretical Girls and Statics GLENN BRANCA met the Minimal music and started, with this first production, a carreer that during the 80's will sign a new approach to the Minimal music and in the 90's to become one of the most complex and innovative composers of the American school.

      The band anticipate the ensembles of the 80s, full of guitarists. Here, beside BRANCA we find a second guitar player, Michael Gross, and a rhythmic section formed by Stephen Wischerth on drums, a constant presence in the BRANCA's bands through most of the eighties, F.L. Schroder on bass and a young Anthony Coleman on organ, a musician who collaborated in the following years with John Zorn and some of the most innovative improvisers becoming an important bandleader on his own today.

      The compositions on the CD are two, for a total of 20 minutes. The first one, Lesson No.1 for electric guitar, the title of the CD, is fully inside the Minimalist musical language of the period. A short phrase repeated by the various instruments at regular intervals. The influence of Minimalist vocabulary, in particular of Steve Reich, that has a very high consideration of BRANCA's music, is evident. The second track, Dissonance, is a mixture of the minimalist language with the atmosphere punk. The result is very wild and intense.

      A recording that after more than fifteen years still mantains the original innovative character and strength. --http://www.felmay.it/5032en.html

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