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Andy Sojka (1951 - 2000)

Lifespan: 1951 - 2000

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As i started to write this page i received a phone call from an old friend Tony Monson, a dj, record supplier and a definite helper in the original promotion of Elite records and Level 42 music "he used to go shop to shop selling records". This was unfortunately not a good call, as he brought with him the sad news that last week Andy Sojka had died. Although I had not spoken to Andy for many years the passing of anyone at 48 years of age was truly sad.

I first met Andy when we both worked for SoundScene, Harlesden, London NW10 (later to become All Ears),He was always cheerful, and had his finger on the button. Andy ran the shop, Rick Dejongh was his right hand man, and I was the new boy.

Over the years he started a football team "from the shop", called Stanley Accrington, All three of us were in it, and we were very successful, recruiting players from customers and friends alike. One of the team was Trevor Wyatt, who worked at Island Records and was greats friends with and an expert on Bob Marley.

The Elite label was founded on the need originally to put out tracks by our own group Atmosfear (who rehearsed in the shop), but things progressed far beyond that as you probablyknow. Due to a quite time at the shop in 1982, it was closed after seven years and we went our separate ways. I had probably only spoken to Andy twice on the phone since then, but realised what a great loss his passing will be to many.

JERRY PIKE http://www.kiss-it.net/jerrypike/


  • new: August 30,1999: picked up an Adrian Sherwood mix of an Atmosfear track

    Sojka and Pike shall always be remembered for their classic Journey track, release under the POWERLINE moniker

    • Andy Sojka frequently collaborated with Pike, both members of the British jazzfunk scene, Double Journey is an original Elite recording, licensed to Prelude records.
    • PRL D 624 Powerline Double Journey 1981
    • Atmosfear / X Tra Special (Elite (Sojka & Pike))
      with "What Do We Do" on the B-side, featuring the bassline from Lonnie Liston Smiths 'Expansions', one of my all time favourite tracks
    • Atmosfear / Dancing In Outer Space (Elite (Sojka & Pike))

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