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Andy Votel

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Vertigo Mixed (2005) - Andy Votel [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Folk Is Not a Four Letter Word (2005) - Andy Votel, Various [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]


Andrew Shallcross, known by his stage name Andy Votel, is an electronic musician and record producer, founder of Twisted Nerve Records. He is from Marple Bridge in Stockport.

His image features on the cover art of Have You Fed the Fish? by singer song writer Badly Drawn Boy. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andy_Votel [Aug 2006]

Vertigo Mixed (2005) - Andy Votel

Album Description
Andy Votel (owner of Twisted Nerve Records & Badly Drawn Boyís producer) has had an infatuation with the Vertigo rock catalogue for 20 years or so, and he's not alone.

Many have been seduced by the otherworldly and perverse sleeve imagery that makes up their catalogue of prog rock acts with the arguably the best names ever (Gentle Giant, Flied Egg, Juicy Lucy & Daddy Longlegs etc). Take a twisted journey into the world of Vertigo.

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Folk Is Not a Four Letter Word (2005) - Andy Votel, Various

Track Listings
1. Kathy Smith - It Takes So Long
2. Sarofeen & Smoke - Itís Love
3. Brigitte Fontaine - Brigitte
4. Linda Perhacs - Hey, Who Really Cares?
5. Breakout - Warm Up My Lips
6. Musica Dispersa - Cefalea
7. The Poppy Family - Shadows On My Wall
8. Wendy & Bonnie - By The Sea
9. Bonnie Koloc - My Aunt Edna
10. Heaven & Earth - Jenny
11. Erica Pomerace - You Used To Think
12. Audience - Man On Box
13. The Roundtable - Scarborough Fair
14. Sidan - Gobiath
15. Sidan - Ar Goll

Album Description
Folk-Funk? Electric Folk? Hippy-Rock? Acid Folk? Sunshine-Pop? Folk-Fusion? Folksploitation? Once again music lovers struggle to bridge the deep & wide gully where another hybrid genre wanders lonely amongst the vinyl ghosts of yesteryears ethereal love songs. Let us introduce a flock of unsung songbirds who flutter between rocks and hardened pastures too commercial to be traditional - not successful enough to be credible - from the wrong side of town - on the other side of the globe. Here are some of the would-be folk legends that you didnít read about, they never played the festivals and you never heard their records... until today.

"Folk Is Not A Four Letter Word" is the debut release from DELAY 68 RECORDS, a brand new label from CHERRY RED RECORDS, set to bring you the best in Folk, Funk, Psych, Prog, Ye-Ye, & Beat from across the world.

Compiled by, and featuring original artwork and sleevenotes from ANDY VOTEL (TWISTED NERVE), fans of Andyís groundbreaking "MUSIC TO WATCH GIRLS CRY" mix CD (an insanely eclectic mix of 75 tracks in 76 minutes!), and "FINDERS KEEPERS" compilation on FAT CITY RECORDS will have some indication of what to expect from this enthralling compilation.

** The majority of these tracks have never before been on CD, many appear here for the first time away from their sought after original releases.

** Eclectic folk has become very popular lately amongst collectors, DJs and artists (Wendy and Bonnieís "By The Sea" was recently sampled by Super Furry Animals on their album Phantom Power), and Andy Votel is well respected in each of those circles.

** Features cover sticker endorsements from DAMON GOUGH (aka BADLY DRAWN BOY), and BOB STANLEY (ST. ETIENNE)

** There is already much press interest in the label and this album from national magazines (including Uncut, Mojo, Record Collector) as well specialist websites and radio. --via Amazon.co.uk

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Andy Votel presents: Prog Is Not a Four Letter Word (2005) - Various Artists

Andy Votel presents: Prog Is Not a Four Letter Word (2005) - Various Artists [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Track Listings
1.Pozzo Del Pichio - Merta 2.Visitors - Visitors 3.Baris Manco - Lambaya Puf De 4.Drugi Nacin - Zuti List 5.Bran - Breuddweyd 6.Breakout - Powiedzielismy Juz Wszystko 7.San Ul Lim - Frustration 8.Egg - Fugue In D Minor 9.3 Hurel - Omur Biter Yol Bitmez 10.Illes - Nem Erdekel Amit Mondsz 11.Jean Claude Vannier - Les Gardes Volent Au SecoursDu Roi 12.Embryo - Music Of Today 13.Jazz Q - Toledo.

Product Description:
Andy Votel of Twisted Nerve Records has wasted no time in following up the superb Folk Is A Four Letter Word compilation with another delve into a previously uncool musical genre- that most maligned of all, PROG!! But forget the over-compiled and by now mainstream works of Yes, ELP, Genesis, Tull, the Moodies and so forth. This, boys and girls, is Obscurity City. The prog here originates from some of the furthest flung corners of the continent - Poland (Breakout), Turkey (Baris Manco), Germany (Embryo), Italy (Pozzo Del Pichio), France (Jean Claude Vannier) and Wales (Bran) There's even a trip to darkest Filipino territory courtesy of San Ul Lim, stopping off for a Canterbury tale from Egg on the way. Most of these tracks have never been on CD before. Now here they are in a beautifully remastered form, and it's time for all who previously doubted to rediscover. Cherry Red. 2005.

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Songs in the Key of Death (Mixed By Andy Votel) (2005)- Various Artists

Songs in the Key of Death (Mixed By Andy Votel) (2005)- Various Artists [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Andy Votel Songs In The Key Of Death review, May 18, 2005 Andy Votel long time Fat City collaborator and label boss of Twisted Nerve which brought Badly Drawn Boy to our attention. Serves up the best offering so far of his eccentric vinyl obsessive genius and it's a blinder! This is essentially a 60 minute mash up mix of spoken word samples and no less than 100 obscure funk records and from all over the globe, which even has the time to include bizarre karaoke covers of The Beatles. This is all held together by a frenetic pace which keeps you hooked from start to finish, and is extremely difficult not to enjoy. --reviewsbyfaz from London via Amazon.com

Andy Votel got a write-up by John McCready in 2005, of which this is the final paragraphy:

There are some other things that I scribbled down on a piece of paper that I need to let you know. It's just that I was so busy making a point that I forgot to shoe-horn them into the above. For those who need to be impressed by the names of others in these things, Andy has swapped ideas/ remixed/produced with- deep breath and CAPITALS please- Ian Brown, Badly Drawn Boy, Avalanches, Kings Of Convenience, Add N to X and Mouse On Mars. He's a personal friend of Damon Gough who is another much misunderstood lovely feller of this parish. Andy is half man, half monkey. The recent Twisted Nerve Zoo-themed compilation was nothing more than a thinly veiled means to fund his unfortunate hairy friends who never managed to escape from Chester Zoo. A further compilation of other people's records called Music To Watch Girls Cry is imminent. I'm looking forward to pretending that I have heard all the tracks on there before. He always falls for it. Andy once covered Black Sabbath's Hand Of Doom. It turned out so twisted that only people on crutches could dance to it. His Dad is more crackers than he is and accidentally explains much about Andy. His dad is the only person anyone knows who has listened to Amon Duul's Disaster all the way through and managed to convince people he genuinely enjoyed it. Andy says the one significant piece of parental advice he gave him was this: Avoid Billy Cobham records. He's right, of course. Apart from the Inner Conflicts LP. Andy has co-produced several tracks with the rightly esteemed Badly Drawn Boy. He also did the sleeve for his debut LP. These facts are already no more than interesting detail. Post 'All Ten Fingers', they will be all but forgotten. --John McCready [2005] via http://www.twistednerve.co.uk/andyvotel/ [Aug 2005]

Damon Gough
Badly Drawn Boy (b. October 2, 1970) is an independent singer/songwriter, born Damon Gough in Manchester, England. Gough chose his stage name from a character that appeared in the cartoon show Jamie and his Magic Torch, which he saw on TV at a party in Trafford, Manchester in 1995. Before he thought of using this name he made some 'business cards', each one unique, with a printed picture of a drawing by his nephew, and a small collage by Gough. This was then laminated and given out to friends and people at clubs in Blackburn and Manchester. The Twisted Nerve empire was later spawned after a chance meeting with Andy Votel at the Generation X bar in Manchester. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Badly_Drawn_Boy [Aug 2005]

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