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Angela McRobbie

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  1. Feminism and Youth Culture: Second Edition - Angela McRobbie [Amazon US]
    In this new edition of Feminism and Youth Culture, Angela McRobbie explores furthur the cultural life of young women and girls. Her analyses illuminate broad questions of interest to readers on both sides of the Atlantic: the politics of feminist research, the relations of class and gender, the commodification of girls through such magazines as Elle, and the material lives of teenage mothers. For the second edition she has added several recent pieces, as well as a new introduction which considers how British women's lives have changed in the past twenty years. This edition also contains some of her earlier Birmingham School work, as well as what she has written with Sarah Thornton and with music critic Simon Frith. [...]
  2. Club Cultures: Music, Media and Subcultural Capital - Sarah Thornton [Amazon US]

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