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Parents: adult - gender - human

Catherine the Great of Russia (1716-1795)

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Film directors: Leni Riefenstahl - Maya Deren - Catherine Breillat - Jane Campion - Monika Treut

Artists: Marina Abramoviĉ - Laurie Anderson - Vanessa Beecroft - Tracey Emin - Jenny Holzer - Mirka Lugosi - Paula Rego - Cindy Sherman - Annie Sprinkle

Famous women: Elizabeth Báthory - Catherine the Great - Twiggy

Camille Paglia, photo unidentified

Philosophers: Kathy Acker - Simone de Beauvoir - Barbara Creed - Germaine Greer - Elizabeth Grosz - Luce Irigaray - Katrien Jacobs - Andrea Juno - Linda Kauffman - Julia Kristeva - Laura Mulvey - Susan Sontag - Camille Paglia - Sadie Plant - Mary Wollstonecraft

Sleeve artwork by Richard Bernstein

Vocalists: Jocelyn Brown - Rochelle Fleming - Taana Gardner - Gwen Guthrie - Loleatta Holloway - Grace Jones - Fonda Rae - Christine Wiltshire

Barbara Steele, photo credit unidentified

A-list actresses: Brigitte Bardot - Jane Birkin - Marilyn Chambers - Sophia Loren - Julianne Moore - Romy Schneider - Delphine Seyrig - Barbara Steele - Sharon Tate - Mary Woronov

"It is an interesting observation that a culture that seems so bent on standardisation, centralisation, hierarchies, etc. - the computer being the epitome of all that - should be developping into a culture which seems to demand quite the opposite. Suddenly, the skills which have been promoted so much in the past - that is a straightforward and very logical way of thinking , i.e. the classic male thinking - begins to become quite dysfunctional." -- Sadie Plant in Fringecore magazine Aug/Sept 98

The Garage, Better Days, were the clubs, that we as young single black women, could just go to dance, and not be harassed by men, you always felt safe. The guys treated us like their baby sisters or something, totally protective, it was incredible. Much love. [...]The best clubs were always the black gay clubs.


A woman is an adult female human being, as contrasted to an adult male, which is a man. The term woman (irregular plural: women) is used to indicate biological sex distinctions, cultural gender role distinctions, or both.

Womanhood is the period in a female's life after she has transitioned from a girl.

A girl is a female human child, as contrasted to an male child, which is a boy. The term girl is used to indicate biological sex distinctions, cultural gender role distinctions, or both.

After they mature, they become known as a woman with various colloquial exceptions, for example the word is also commonly used when discussing adult females in relationships, such as in the word girlfriend. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woman [Oct 2004]

Women's studies

Women's studies is an interdisciplinary academic field devoted to topics concerning women, feminism, gender, and politics. It often includes feminist theory, women's history (eg history of women's suffrage) and social history, women's literature, women's health, and the feminist and gender studies-influenced practice of most of the humanities and social sciences. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women's_studies [Aug 2006]


Femininity comprises the physical and mental attributes associated with the female sex and is partly culturally determined. Some of these attributes can be traced to the female reproductive role. Others are rooted in the socialization of a girl's early development and adjusted throughout adulthood by picking up or reacting to societal cues. Feminine characteristics are sometimes expressed through female gender roles, which can vary between societies and eras. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Femininity [Aug 2006]

Women in music

Disco divas
[...] Disco was an extended conversation between black women female divas and gay men. Straight men were welcome to join the party, but only if they learned the lingo. Some did, but for many, this new demand aroused a kind of "castration anxiety," as Alice Echols put it in a 1994 essay. Disco symbolized a world where straight men were not only expected to engender the female orgasm, but to incorporate it. --Peter Braunstein
Some of my fave female disco divas include Loleatta Holloway, Grace Jones, Rochelle Fleming, Jocelyn Brown, Taana Gardner | Fonda Rae, Gwen Guthrie and Christine Wiltshire.

See also: women in punk

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