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Audubon films

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It may be said that [Radley] Metzger-the-distributor is as much an auteur as Metzger-the-director, since he would often spend months re-editing (and occasionally re-shooting) a foreign film for the American market; one film, The Libertine, was tightened up with over 300 cuts, some of them subliminal. But, if the films Metzger imported are personal, his own films are virtually confessional in their exploration of themes and feelings, moods and mise-en-scène. Surely the soft-core regulars of the late Sixties could have been only bewildered by Therese and Isabelle, which spends its first forty minutes building character and prowling elegantly around an old monastery, to the exclusion of any sex scenes. Most of his characters inhabit an erotic twilight world halfway between haute monde and demi-monde, and few "straight" directors excel Metzger at creating an almost tactile milieu of quasi-aristocratic decadence - credit for which Metzger gladly shares with his long-time cinematographer, the gifted Hans Jura, and his art director on Camille 2000 and The Lickerish Quartet, Enrico Sabbatini. --Richard Corliss Film Comment, January 1973 via [1]

Distributor filmography

The Punishment of Anne (1976) - Score (1973) - Fun and Games (1973) - Little Mother (1973) - The Lickerish Quartet (1970) - Un condé (1970) - Femina ridens (1969) - Camille 2000 (1969) - Matriarca, La (1969) - Nerosubianco (1969) - Therese und Isabell (1968) - Lejonsommar (1968) - Carmen, Baby (1967) - Zoku akutokui: Joi-hen (1967) - The Alley Cats (1966) - Jag - en kvinna (1965) - Warm Nights and Hot Pleasures (1964) - Olga's Girls (1964) - The Dirty Girls (1964) - Nuit la plus longue (1964) - The Moving Finger (1963) - Baie du désir, La (1963) - Douce violence (1962) - Zarte Haut in schwarzer Seide (1961) - Quatrième sexe, Le (1961) - Kyonetsu no kisetsu (1960) - Récréation, La (1960) - J'irai cracher sur vos tombes (1959) - Mundo para mí, Un (1959) - Mademoiselle Strip-tease (1957) - Collégiennes, Les (1957) --http://us.imdb.com/company/co0027272/ [Nov 2005]

Ava Leighton

"Dark Odyssey was my introduction to Janus Films. I called and asked if they wanted to distribute the film. This is how I met Ava Leighton, who became the general sales manager for Audubon. I did all the trailers and whatever re-editing they had to do." Leighton (who died in '87) and Metzger formed Audubon Films in 1960. He was the president of the small NYC company, a major supplier to art houses of the '60s, breaking many censorship taboos by importing (then) daring features from Europe. "Those were then called art theatres, which were, at the time, in a period of transition from the dominance of the major distributors to that period after WWII when they became independent. A lot of theatres that couldn't survive on strictly Hollywood product became art theatres." Audubon features played drive-ins too. "The films showing at drive-ins were always dubbed and usually censored more than what we showed at the hard tops."

--Radley Metzger interviewed by Jay Kent Lorenz, Psychotronic Video No. 17, Winter 1994 via http://www.vidmarc.demon.co.uk/mondo-erotico/metzger/interviews/EroticWorldOfRadley.html [Nov 2004]

Audubon collection on VHS

Alley Cats
Directed By: Radley Metzger
The swinging sixties have never looked so sexy, fun and erotic as in Radley Metzger's second solo feature The Alley Cats! When Leslie, a member of Europe's wealthy swinging set, feels ignored by her fiancee Logan (who is in the midst of a tempestuous affair with Leslie's friend Agnes) she decides to do some swinging herself. her first lover, the suave, debonair Christian, pleases her greatly, but is soon called away on business. Frustrated, Leslie responds to the advances of Irena, a beautiful lesbian socialite. Soon she must choose between her fiancee Logan and her awakened lesbian feelings. This newly remastered video, presented in WideScreen Ultrascope, features a scintillating, jazzy lounge music soundtrack and the original theatrical trailer.
Code: VVFRFV908221 Retail: $29.99 Tint: B/W Genre: Audubon Length: 83
Camille 2000
Directed By: Radley Metzger
Meet Armand, a handsome bachelor new to Rome, and Marguerite, the prize catch of Roman high society. When armand first sets eyes on the beautiful, sensuous Marguerite, he knows he must have her. After finagling an invitation to a decadent party at Marguerite's luxurious villa, he courts her - successfully. but Marguerite is full of secrets, as Armand soon learns... An eye dazzler...sex exciter!-New York Post
Code: VVFRFV908504 Retail: $29.99 Tint: Color Genre: Audubon Length: 115

Carmen, Baby
Directed By: Radley Metzger
A sexy temptress no man can resist and a local police officer who falls hard for her become embroiled in a complicated intrigue of passion and jealousy in Radley Metzger's boldly original erotic update of bizet's classic opera carmen. Uta Levka plays the sexpot temptress for all she's worth!-New York Ppost
Code: VVFRFV908511 Retail: $29.99 Tint: Color Genre: Audubon Length: 90

Daniella By Night
Directed By: Max Pecas
Starring the original movie sex kitten Elke Summer, Daniella By Night is Elke's last french film before beginning her American career. Daniella, a beautiful young French model, leaves for Rome with a contract from its leading fashion house. In no time she meets the finest of Roman society...and becomes embroiled in a murderous spy plot. Notable for its famous nude scene of Elke, its climax atop the roof of the Mmusee D'Orsay, and scintillating score by music great Charles Aznavour, Daniella By Night is available here in home video for the first time. also included is the original theatrical trailer.
Code: VVFRFV908276 Retail: $29.99 Tint: B/W Genre: Audubon Length: 83

Dark Odyssey
Directed By: Radley Metzger and William Kyriakis
She reached out for love and found a loaded gun...So begins Dark Odyssey ,Radley Metzger's first feature make with William Kyriakis, shot in the New York City of the 1950's. this contemporary Greek Tragedy is the story of a Greek seaman who jumps ship in New York Harbor to find - and kill - the man who raped his sister. But before he can, a young Greek-American woman captures his heart, creating a conflict between love and machismo.
Code: VVFRFV908306 Retail: $29.99 Genre: Audubon Length: 85

Dirty Girls
Tonight in Paris, Garance will entertain a shy young student, a hot-headed sadist, and an older gentleman who loves a good uniform. In Munich, everyone wants Monique, the fantastic Woman of Ten Thousand Pleasures. but while Monique desires only the mysterious Laurence, she soon finds herself entertaining an American businessman and a lonely movie star-to the delight of several onlookers! Contains extra bonus scenes & the originai theatricail trailer!
Code: VVFRF908733V Retail: $29.99 Tint: B/W Genre: Audubon Length: 82

Fourth Sex
Sand, a beatiful, wealthy woman living in Paris, has one passion-painting her many girlfriends in the nude. One night she meets, Caroline, who is new to Paris. Instantly smtten, Sand invites Caroline to one of her infamouse Roman Orgy parties. There, amidst wild lovemaking and an exhibition of hot striptease, Sand paints Caroline-and dircovers her own unexpected desire!.
Code: VVFRF908818V Retail: $29.99 Tint: B/W Genre: Audubon Length: 82

Frightened Woman
Directed By: Piero Schivazappa
A surprisingly twisted game of terror and pleasure! Sayer, a secretive, wealty man, gratifies his sadistic fantasies through elaborately staged games of master and slave and dominant/submissive. but one weekend, when his regular girl becomes unavailable, Sayer lures a young, beautiful journalist to be his slave, leading to a surprisingly twisted game of terror and pleasure.
Code: VVFRFV908436 Retail: $29.99 Year: 1971 Tint: Color Genre: Audubon Length: 90

Her And She And Him
One woman's strange erotic journey into the heart of paris! A charmingly seductive tale about a girl who arrives in Paris with nothing except her guitar and her fresh beauty. She soon finds herself living with another woman who ravishes her nightly; but, feeling herself a prisoner, she seduces a handsome young painter - himself the sexual prisoner of an obsessive gay artist!
Code: VVFRFV908467 Retail: $29.99 Year: 1972 Tint: Color Genre: Audubon Length: 90

I Am Frigid...Why?
Directed By: Max Pécas
After Doris, the 18-year-old daughter of the gardener on the luxurious Chambon Estate, is raped by the Chambons 20-year-old son Eric, she is sent away to a boarding school to hush up the ensuing scandal. Although Doris enjoys a fling with a female classmate and falls for a young actor during her first visit to Paris, she is still unable to forget the traumatic event of her past. Soon she befriends an older woman who runs a high-end prostitution ring, and before long Doris is satisfuing her kinky customers, one of whom turns out to be Eric's father, Monsieur Chambon, A confrontation with Eric is Inevitable.
Code: VVFRF90341V Retail: $24.99 Year: 1972 Tint: Color Genre: Audubon Length: 90

I, A woman
Directed By: Mac Ahlberg
This classic Swedish erotic gem, one of the first to be shown theatrically in the U.S., stars Essy Persson (Therese And Isabelle) as Siv, a young, sexy yet innocent nurse who tries to bed every man who crosses her path. From doctors to sailors to antique dealers, Siv uses her raw sexuality to entice, seduce and eventually desert the men who love and desire her. Included is the original theatrical trailer! Racy Beautiful-New Yorker Magazine
Code: VVFRFV908368 Retail: $29.99 Tint: B/W Genre: Audubon Length: 90

Immoral One
A woman suffering from amnesia reconstructs her life from audio tapes and discovers her sordid past, in which she was a prostitute and involved in unusual romantic relationships among them lesbiaism. Follow her as she relives the events that led to her amnesia, and meet such characters as her dashing auto racing lover, her younger, endangered sister, and a ruthless, blackmailing madam! This sophisticated European sizzler stars the voluptuous Sylvia Lamo.
Code: VVFRF908597 Retail: $29.99 Year: 1980 Tint: Color Genre: Audubon Length: 90

Directed By: Pasquale Festa-Campanile
Starring European sex kitten Catherine Spaak and Jean-Lois Trintignant (a man and a woman), The Libertine is about a young woman named Mimi who discovers that her recently deceased husband had kept a secret apartment equipped to satisfy his unusual sexual desires. Upset that he had turned to others instead of herself, Mimi decides to use the apartment to explore the world of sex! The Libertine comes across incredibly with wry humor and taste. Harper's Bazaar Bold bizarre -New York Post
Code: VVFRFV908344 Retail: $29.99 Tint: Color Genre: Audubon Length: 90

Lickerish Quartet
Directed By: Radley Metzger
Newly remastered! Includes original theatrical trailer! 1998 theatrical re-release! In a breathtaking castle in Italy, three people are obsessed with an erotic film featuring a striking young blonde woman.. When the blonde appears in the flesh, each - a man, his wife, and her son - tries to seduce the mysterious woman An outrageously kinky masterpiece! -Andy Warhol Beatiful! ripe with incredible color, decor and movement! Vincent Canby, The New York Times- The most beautiful film of this kind i've ever seen. erotic yet tastefully done! -WHBI-FM
Code: VVFRFV908382 Retail: $29.99 Tint: Color Genre: Audubon Length: 90

Little Mother
Directed By: Radley Metzger
Before Madonna, before Evita, there was Little Mother. The story of Eva Peron (Evita) is by now legendary, having been publicized - and romanticized - by Madonna and others. Metzger's film version - made five years before the first stage production of Evita - focuses on Eva's use of sexual persuasion and conquest. in this Evita, the young seductress sleeps her way to the top of a nation, bedding important ministers and generals. When her new husband becomes President, she finally has all the power she craves - until her shocking downfall.
Code: VVFRFV908399 Retail: $29.99 Genre: Audubon Length: 

Love Play
Directed By: Francois Moreuil
Sexy and sixteen, Jean Seberg (Breathless) plays Kate Hudson, newly enrolled in a fashionable Parisian school for girls. One day she spies the handsome, debonair Philippe from her dorm window, and before long she is embroiled in a love triangle with Philippe and his wealthy mistress. Directed by her ex-husband Francois Moreuil at the birth of the new wave, Seberg is radiantly beautiful as a young American in Paris discovering her sexuality.
Code: VVFRFV908269 Retail: $29.99 Tint: B/W Genre: Audubon Length: 87

Princess And The Call Girl
Beautiful socialite Audrey Wwallow likes doing favors for friends-and anyway, she owes a big one to Lucy Darling, her lookalike pal from college. so when Lucy begs her, Audrey agrees to step in and impersonate Lucy on the job for two days. There are only three complications: first, Lucy's job is a high-priced call girl. Second, the two days have to be spent in Monaco. Third and finally, Audrey has to get back to New York in time for an engagement party-her own! Elaborate, stylish games of seduction are what Metzger 's films are all about! -Los Angeles Times
Code: VVFRF908726V Retail: $29.99 Tint: Color Genre: Audubon Length: 90

Radley Metzger Trailers
The best vintage trailers form the 50's 60's and 70's! Including Drive-In, Sexploitation, Art House, Erotic, & Cult Classics. From the classic shocker The Mysterians to Ingmar Bergman's The Magician & The Secrets of Women; Andrzej Wadja's Ashes and Diamonds; The notorious Olga's Girls and hitler's Inferno; Elke Sommer in Daniella By Night and Sweet Ecstasy; Sexploitation Classics The Weird Lovemakers, The Fourth Sex, and Twilight Girls; and Radley Metzger's Therese and Isabelle, The Lickerish Quartet and Score, This stunning collection of vintage trailers, all made by Radley Metzger, includes 45 of the best examples from the world of cinema circa 1950-70.
Code: VVFRF909112V Retail: $29.99 Tint: B/W/C Genre: Audubon Length: 90

Directed By: Radley Metzger
In the village of leisure - in the land of play - deep within the erogenous zone - live Jack and Elvira, a swinging married couple who have their sights on seducing a pair of naive newlyweds. the sparks fly in this erotic classic, which also features the sublime theatrical trailer. Somewhere between 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf' and 'Love, American Style'! -Time Out NY Mmetzger hilariously hits the bull's-eye of bi-sexual chic! -Interview Mmagazine
Code: VVFRFV908290 Retail: $29.99 Tint: Color Genre: Audubon Length: 89

Directed By: Jose Benazer
On the streets of Paris a beautiful, young woman is kidnapped at gunpoint. Kept as a prisoner in an abandoned farmhouse until her wealthy father pays her ransom, the young and beauty provokes rages of jealousy and passion amongst her captors. Shades of Godard and a score by jazz legend Chet Baker make this eroctic gena sexploitation classic.
Code: VVFRF908825V Retail: $29.99 Tint: B/W Genre: Audubon Length: 88

Sweet Ecstasy
Directed By: Max Pecas
Elke Sommer is a voluptuous vixen in this steamy beach romance. In the luxurious world of the south of France a young man falls in with a group of very wealthy and attractive Bon Vivants who live a pleasure- filled existence on the Cote D'Azur. Soon he must choose between two women - wild Elke and a shy actress - without igniting an explosion of jealousy and desire. Featuring a scintillating score by Charles Aznavour, this video also includes the original theatrical trailer.
Code: VVFRF908580 Retail: $29.99 Year: 1962 Tint: B/W Genre: Audubon Length: 81

Therese and Isabelle
Directed By: Radley Metzger
In the French countryside, and elegant woman pays a nostalgic visit to her adolescent girls school, where she passionately remembers her first fiery and forbidden romance...The story of Therese and Isabelle. The tenderness of these two lonely girls' erotic awakenings sensuously blossoms amidst the hothouse atmosphere of their repressive environment. having both experienced the clumsy and cruel lovemaking attempts of the local lothario, Therese and Isabelle grow closer and closer to each other - until that fateful moment when they become lovers. An erotic classic for the ages, this newly remastered video is presented in widescreen ultrascope and includes the original theatrical trailer.
Code: VVFRFV908238 Retail: $29.99 Tint: B/W Genre: Audubon Length: 118

Directed By: Radley Metzger
Starring Honor Blackman, Michael Callan, Edward Fox, Wendy Hiller, Olivia Hussey, Carol Lynley, Daniel Massey, Wilfrid Hyde White With this all-star cast, erotic auteur Radley Metzger turns his directorial prowess to the classic, spine-chilling story of mystery and horror. Glencliff Manor, 1934. A dark and stormy night. The family of a recently deceased, eccentric millionaire has been summoned for the reading of his final will and testament. Joining this group of eight is an unexpected visitor: the chief psychologist from the local mental hospital who is searching for a dangerous criminal escapee from the psychiatric ward! So turn off the lights, snuggle up to your loved one, and get ready for a horrific night of suspense, mystery and murder! "Stylishly Directed!" -Playboy Magazine The Classic Tale of Mystery and Suspense! "High melodramatic entertainment!" -Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine "An entertaining remake of the 1927 silent film!" -VideoHound Produced by Richard Gordon Music by Steven Cagan Screenplay by Radley Metzger
Code: VVFRF909020V Retail: $29.99 Year: 1979 Tint: Color Genre: Audubon Length: 98

Directed By: Joesph P. Mawra
The Classic that Lives Up to Its Reputation! Drug addicts! Communists! Prostitution! Sadism! Torture! White Slaves!!! Headquartered in New York's Chinatown, where Communists provide a steady stream of dangerous drugs from the Orient, sadist Olga Saglo deals in narcotics and white slavery. Her drug-addicted slaves, brutally tortured for the slightest offense, some of them locked into chastity belts, have only one another for comfort. When Olga suspects there is an informant among them, she stops at nothing in trying to ferret out the snitch. But some of her girls have another plan in mind, a plan of revenge... A classic of early sexploitation films, Olga's Girls deserves its place in the pantheon of classic cult films. This newly remastered version also includes the original theatrical trailer. Starring Audrey Campbell as Olga With Audrey Campbell, Rickey Bell, Eva Denning, & Dolly Simmons Written by Joesph P. Mawra Photography Werner Rose Original Music by Clyde Otis Set Design Sande Johnsen Producer George Weiss
Code: VVFRF909105V Retail: $29.99 Year: 1964 Tint: B/W Genre: Audubon Length: 72

Directed By: Andre Hunebelle
Starring Agnes Laurent Sexy... Secretive... Seductive... Uncover The Dark Secrets of College Girls in No Longer Children... Not Yet Women... Caught in the Turmoil of Dangerous Love!!! Seeking to escape a family scandal, a young woman enters an exclusive boarding school for girls, and is immediately absorbed into a clique of attractive and wealthy young vixens. When one of the girls in the clique develops a crush on her, she must choose between a young man who's caught her eye-and the forbidden love offered by her female classmate. This controversial account of blossoming womanhood and dangerous love was originally banned in New York because of the frank nature of its lesbian scenes. Also included is the originally theatrical trailer! With Agnes Laurent Christine Carere Estella Blain Marie-Helene Arnuad Produced by Rene Thevenet Story by Jacques Lancien, Arlette Reinerg & Jean Lambertie Music by Jean Marion
Code: VVFRF909174V Retail: $29.99 Year: 1961 Tint: B/W Genre: Audubon Length: 83

Mademoiselle Strip-tease (1957) - Pierre Foucaud

Mademoiselle Strip-tease (1957) - Pierre Foucaud

This is the first movie that Radley Metzger distributed in the U.S. and it is the start of Metzger's company Audubon pictures.

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