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If it wasn't because of the BOZAK CMA-10-2DL

If it wasn't because of the BOZAK CMA-10-2DL, DJing would have never been possible during the 50'-60'. Rudy T. Bozak designed the very very very first high end DJ mixer in mid 1960's when the whole concept of mixing and discotheques was a brand new thing. By the 60's, the mixer had already reached quote "the standard club mixer" status and it was extremely expensive no matter how you would look at it ($1200 USD in the 50's-60'! Talking about expensive!). In late 70's/early 80's, LouisBozak kicked the bucket and there was no longer a production of Bozak mixers - until Urei took advantage and released a Bozak mixer clone, the UREI 1620. Both the Urei 1620 and Bozak mixer have the same layout, same kind of faceplate, same size, same features and look about the same. However, the real deal here is the Bozak mixer, not the Urei mixer. This was Richard Long's favority mixer.--, [accessed May 2003]

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