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DJ International Records

1985 [...]

A Chicago label that was founded by Rocky Jones in 1985. DJ International focused on releasing mainly vocal house, while the other big Chicago label, Trax, is known for rougher tracks.

Label's hits include "Music is the key" by J.M.Silk (the first release), "Acid Thunder" & "Can U dance" by Fast Eddie, "It's allright" by Sterling Void, and Chip E's "Like This". Definitely a class house label!

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DJ 248 	J.M. Silk 	Music Is The Key (1985) 
DJ 251 	Chip E. Inc. feat. K. Joy	Like This (Re Mix) (1985) 
DJ 701 	De Diquio House	Latin Trax 
DJ 777 	J.M. Silk	Shadows Of You Love (1986) 
DJ 779 	Chip E	If U Only Knew 
DJ 780 	Fingers Inc	A Path (1991) 
DJ 808 	Tyree	Lonely (No More) (1991) 
DJ 810 	Two Young Brothers	C'Mon N Shake Yer Butts (1991) 
DJ 811 	Tyree	Rock The Discotech 
DJ 812 	Fast Eddie	Watch Me Git Funky (1991) 
DJ 813 	The Project feat Linda Rice	Out Of Control 
DJ 815 	Linda Rice	If You Want My Love 
DJ 816 	Loftis IV	Reachin 4 Love 
DJ 817 	The Fastman	The Fastman (1992) 
DJ 818 	The Project	Get It Right 
DJ 820 	2 Young Brothers	Comin' On Strong 
DJ 821 	To Kool Chris	What Happened To The Beatles? (1992) 
DJ 824 	TC Crew	I Can't Do It Alone (1992) 
DJ 825 	The Fastman	Bangin' Da Box (1992) 
DJ 827 	TC Crew	Once Bitten (1992) 
DJ 828 	The Force	If You Haven't Danced Yet 
DJ 831 	Incredible MD & Phunky People 	Thro Ya Hands Up (1992) 
DJ 832 	The Real Vibe feat. Dr. X	Ed Can Rave (1993) 
DJ 836 	Kool Rock Steady	Return Of A Superstar (1993) 
DJ 841 	White Knight & Fast Eddie feat. Juanie	Girls Get Dum (1993) 
DJ 842 	By Dezin	Your Love Is On The Run 
DJ 847 	Frankie Knuckles	Only The Strong Survives 
DJ 888 	JM Silk	Music Is The Key 
DJ 889 	White Knight	Never Give Up (1986) 
DJ 890 	Chip E	Like This 
DJ 891 	Kenny Jammin' Jason	Jam Tracks (1985) 
DJ 892 	Fingers Inc	It's a Mystery (1991) 
DJ 893 	The It	Donnie 
DJ 894 	Bad Boy Bill	Jack It All Night Long 
DJ 895 	Chip E	Jack Trax 
DJ 896 	Mark Imperial	J'ardore Dancer (1985) 
DJ 898 	Arrogance	Crazy (1988) 
DJ 899 	Bam Bam	You've Been Messin Around (1985) 
DJ 900 	Mix Masters	In The Mix (1988) 
DJ 901 	JMD	Get Up And Dance (1990) 
DJ 902 	Sterling Void	It's Allright (1987) 
DJ 903 	Frankie Knuckles Ultimate Production	Baby Wants To Ride 
DJ 904 	Jerry McAllister	Never Let You Down (1986) 
DJ 905 	Joe Smooth	Promised Land (1987) 
DJ 906 	Jackmaster Black	Mega Track 
DJ 907 	Jack'n'House	I Gotta Go To Work (1990) 
DJ 909 	Adonis	The Endless Poke (1988) 
DJ 910 	Mario Smokin Diaz	Fusion Dance (1986) 
DJ 912 	Farm Boy	Move 
DJ 913 	Mario Reyes	Whatever Turns U On 
DJ 914 	Fresh Force	Who Runs This Mutha (1990) 
DJ 917 	Femme Fion 	Jack The House (1986) 
DJ 921 	Fast Eddie	Let's Do This (1990) 
DJ 922 	Kool Rock Steady	Knock You Out Da Box 
DJ 923 	Frankie Knuckles	You Can't Hide (1987) 
DJ 924 	KA Posse	Shake / Stick Music (1990) 
DJ 925 	MK II 	Used By DJ (1986) 
DJ 926 	Full House 	Communicate (1986) 
DJ 927 	Loftis3 	I'll Be There For U 
DJ 928 	Tyree 	Hip House Is My Style (1990) 
DJ 929 	Joe Smooth 	One Moment In Love 
DJ 930 	Loleta Halloway	So Sweet 
DJ 931 	Kool Rock Steady & Sundance	Ain't No Stoppin' Hip House 
DJ 932	Fast Eddie Smith 	Can U Dance (1987) 
DJ 933 	Frankie Hollywood 	Feel The Five 
DJ 934 	Fast Eddie 	Make Some Noise (1990) 
DJ 934RX 	Fast Eddie 	Make Some Noise (remix) (1990) 
DJ 935 	Prestige feat. Brandi 	Take My Love (1986) 
DJ 936 	Steel Grey 	Do You Want To Dance (1990) 
DJ 937 	Frankie Hollywood Rodriguez 	Work On Me (1990) 
DJ 938 	Loftis III feat. Andrea 	Don't Want To Be Right (1990) 
DJ 939 	Prof Funk & Chicago House & Effect 	Visions 
DJ 940 	MK II feat. Kevin Irving 	D S T M (1987) 
DJ 940 	MK II feat. Kevin Irving 	D S T M Re-mix (1988) 
DJ 941 	Marshal Jefferson 	Move Your Body (1986) 
DJ 942 	Julian Jumpin Perez feat. Connie V 	Jack Me Till I Scream (1987) 
DJ 943 	Joe Smooth 	Going Down 
DJ 944 	Rocky Jones 	Choice Of a New Generation 
DJ 945 	Farley Jackmaster Funk & Ricky Dillard 	It's U (1988) 
DJ 948 	Mario Reyes / Joenell 	Lost Love 
DJ 950 	Full House 	I Remember (1987) 
DJ 951 	The Children 	Freedom (1988) 
DJ 952 	The Party's Over 	No More Words (1988) 
DJ 954 	Mixmasters 	House Express 
DJ 955 	Darryl Pandy & Farley Jackmaster Funk 	Free Man 
DJ 956 	Sterling Void 	Runaway Girl 
DJ 957 	Peter Black 	How Far I Go 
DJ 958 	Fast Eddie 	Can U Still Dance (1988) 
DJ 959 	Mixmasters ft Andrea 	How Low Can U Touch Me (1990) 
DJ 960 	Out Of Control 	Whatch Gonna Do (1988) 
DJ 961 	Fast Eddie 	Acid Thunder (1988) 
DJ 963 	Jullian Jumpin Perez feat Valentino	Stand By Me 
DJ 964 	Dyzre 	Forever Damour 
DJ 966 	Paris Brightledge 	Learn To Love 
DJ 967 	Sterling Void 	Boogie Oogie 
DJ 968 	Fast Eddie 	Yo Yo Get Funky (1988) 
DJ 969 	Fast Eddie 	Lets Go (1988) 
DJ 969 	Fast Eddie 	Lets Go (remix) (1988) 
DJ 970 	Tyree 	Turn Up The Bass (1988) 
DJ 971 	Joe Smooth feat Mikkhiel 	I'll Be There (1988) 
DJ 973 	Kool Rock Steady 	Lets Get Hype 
DJ 974 	Tyree 	Hard Core Hip House (1989) 
DJ 975 	Fast Eddie 	Jack To The Sound (1988) 
DJ 976 	Jerry McAlistair 	What I Do 
DJ 977 	Julian Perez & Kool Rock Steady 	Ain't We Funky Now (1988) 
DJ 978 	TBC & Jessica Tuttle & MCD 	Way You Move (1991) 
DJ 979 	Sterling Void 	Don't Want To Go 
DJ 980 	Tyree 	House Music Is My Life 
DJ 981 	Anthony Thomas 	You Don't Love Me (1989) 
DJ 982 	Fast Eddie 	Hip House 89 Remix (1989) 
DJ 983 	Denise M 	Do You Love Me (1989) 
DJ 984 	Jullian Jumpin Perez 	Relight My Fire (1989) 
DJ 985 	Nana 	Be My Baby (1991) 
DJ 988RX 	Two Young Brothers 	Check Out The Hook (1991) 
DJ 990 	Fast Eddie feat Sundance 	Git On Up (1990) 
DJ 991 	Tyree & JMD 	Move Your Body (1989) 
DJ 992 	Kool Rock Steady 	U Ain't Nobody (1989) 
DJ 993 	Anthony Thomas 	Tonite I Really Need Someone (1989) 
DJ 994 	Sterling Void 	Set Me Free 
DJ 995 	Jullian Jumpin Perez 	Lets Work (1989) 
DJ 996 	Kool Rock Steady 	The Other Side Of Me (1989) 
DJ 997 	Joe Smooth 	They Want To Be Free (1990) 
DJ 998 	Tyree 	Let The Music Take Control (1990) 
DJ 999 	Fast Eddie 	Most Wanted (1990) 
DJ 1004 	Chip E 	If U Only Knew 
DJ 1005 	Steve Silk Hurly 	Jack Your Body 
DJ 1006 	various 	House Sound Of Chicago (1988) 
DJ 1007 	Kenny Jason & Fast Eddie 	
DJ 1010 	various 	House Sound Of Chicago vol II: House Music (1988) 
DJ 1012	Full House 	Communicate 
DJ 1015 	Fast Eddie 	Jack To The Sound (LP)(1988) 
DJ 1014 	various 	House Sound Of Chicago - Megamix Vol.2 
DJ 1016 	Tyree 	Tyree's Got A Brand New House (1988) 
DJ 1019 	Various 	Deep House Vol. One (1988) 
DJ 1025 	Fast Eddie 	Most Wanted, The Album (LP)(1990) 
DJ 1026 	Tyree 	Nation Of Hip House (1989) 
DJ 1031 	Various 	This Is Real Hip House Music (1992) 
DJ 1033 	Various	Jackmaster VI (1991) 
DJ 1035 	K. Alexi 	Don't Cha Want It (1991) 
DJ 1040 	Fast Eddie 	Straight Jackin' (1991) 
DJ 1041 	Tyree 	The Time Iz Now (1991)

Rocky Jones

But Trax was no longer alone on the Chicago scene - many artists worked for Trax and Rocky Jones' DJ International imprint. DJ International has itself provided a fair slice of house music's early standards, such as Sterling Void 'Its Alright' and JM Silk (Steve Hurley) 'Music Is The Key'. There was rivalry between the two - Trax's 30th release was Boris Badenough's 'Hey Rocky' - but where The Power Plant's more soulful style had contrasted with the rawer sound of The Music Box, so did DJ International lead the way with the vocal releases as opposed to Trax's, er, trax. And it was DJ International which made house's first breakthrough into the mainstream with Farley Jackmaster Funk's 'Love Can't Turn Around', reaching the UK Top 10 in August 1986 via a deal with FFRR. The same year in the UK, the first house clubs opened in Manchester and London. Steve Silk Hurley's 'Jack Your Body' followed early 1987 and house had its first number one. --Max Renn

Phil Cheeseman

The labels were still mostly limited to the terrible twins that were to dominate Chicago house for the next two years Trax and DJ International. Between them they had nearly all the local talent sewn up and by popular consent they were just as dodgy as each other, with rumors and stories of rip-offs and generally dubious activity endlessly circulating. Everybody it seemed, was stealing from everybody else. One that remains largely untold involved Frankie Knuckles. "This was the story at the time" recalls Adonis. "Supposedly Frankie sold Jamie Principle's unreleased tapes to DJ International AND Trax at the same time. Then Jamie came out with a record called 'Knucklehead' dissing Frankie. After that Frankie went back to New York."

When Rocky Jones at DJ International became convinced by a larger- than-life character named Lewis Pitzele who was helping put a lot of the deals together at the time that Europe was the place to focus on, house poured into Britain with London Records putting the first compilation of early DJ International material out. As the press bandwagon rolled into action the 86 Chicago House Party featuring Adonis, Marshall Jefferson, Fingers Inc and Kevin Irving toured the UK's clubs. Trax took a little longer

Adonis: "Trax was meant to be a bullshit label for all the dirty, raggedy records Larry Sherman didn't give a shit about. You know, labels were always trying to do radio stuff, but Trax became popular after 'No Way Back' and 'Move Your Body' and all those tracks." It was DJ International and London who notched up the first house hits, first with Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk's 'Love Can't Turn Around', a cover of the old Isaac Hayes song with camp wailer Daryl Pandy on vocals which reached Number 10 in September 1986, and then a record that spent months gestating in the clubs before it was finally catapulted to Number One in January 1987 - Jim Silk's 'Jack Your Body'. --Phil Cheeseman

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