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Dfa Records Presents: Compilation 2 (2004) - Various Artists [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Louden Up Now (2004) - !!! [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Dance-punk, also known as disco-punk, is a musical genre that combines the rhythms of danceable electronic music with punk rock aesthetics and instrumentation.

The origin of style dates back to the late 1970s in New York and England, where guitar-based bands started to experiment with more dance-friendly rhythms. During this time, disco and funk also crossed over into many rock clubs—for example, it seems that some of the funky guitar work and solid basslines from the Chic records made it to the rock scene. At the time, this musical style was most closely associated with the post-punk and no wave movements: famous progenitors of this sound include Gang of Four from Leeds, Liquid Liquid from New York, and Medium Medium from Nottingham. German punk chanteuse Nina Hagen had a massive underground dance hit in 1983 with "New York New York," which mixed her searing punk (and opera) vocals with disco, funk, and hip hop beats.

As hip-hop, techno, and other forms of dance music emerged during the 1980s, the "punk-funk" style faded away. The extended 12" mix, synthesizers, drum machines, and other new technologies also pushed the jagged guitar-based dance sound out of the spotlight during the later part of the 1980s and much of the 1990s.

Modern dance-punk
The genre reemerged as "dance-punk" at the turn of the century. The style was championed by rock- and punk-oriented groups such as Liars and Radio 4, as well as dance-oriented acts such as Out Hud, with others such as !!! and The Rapture falling somewhere in the middle. There has since been a crystalization of musical forms within dance-punk, as with LCD Soundsystem's strongly dance- and production-obsessed soundcraft or Q and Not U's creation of new kinds of rock-based yet danceable rhythms within the scope of lyrical punk and post-hardcore.

At the same time, however, the concept of the dance-punk genre has become somewhat diluted, partly merging with the more straightforwardly disco-influenced post-punk/garage rock revival sounds from the late 1990s to the present. As with most musical genres, dance-punk began as a fluid extension of several other genres and is in the process of both being defined from within and at the same time being co-opted by other musical forms.

List of dance-punk bands

Bands influenced by dance-punk

--http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dance-punk [Mar 2006]

How to Kill the DJ Part 2 (2004) - Optimo

How to Kill the DJ Part 2 (2004) - Optimo [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

At long, long last, we are delighted to announce that our first official mix cd is finally here.

In association with our friends and allies, Kill The DJ and Tigersushi in Paris, this project has taken over a year to realise (but, we think it has been worth the wait!).

It is a double cd - cd1 is a 75 minute mix that tries to sum up what a night at Optimo is like, while cd2 is an unmixed collection of music that we play at the start of the night and a few songs that have become Optimo classics that we wanted to present in their complete form.

The tracklisting is as follows -

MIX CD 1) intro / funkadelic - wars of armageddon 2) laibach - decree beat 3) john carpenter - the end 4) hiltmeyer inc. - narkotik! 5) hashim - rocking the planet (beat) 6) miroslav vitous - new york city 7) soft cell - sex dwarf 8) carl craig - demented drums 9) luciano and quenem - orange mistake 10) basic channel - phylyps track 2 11) crash course in science - flying turns 12) revolting cocks - on fire 13) depeche mode - dead of the night (electronicat remix) 14) quarks - i walk (superpitcher schaffel mix) 15) liaisons dangereuses - los ninos del parque 16) the cramps - new kind of kick 17) harco pront - night 18) cls - can u feel it 19) gang of four - damaged goods 20) langley schools music project - good vibrations 21) the junkyard band - the word 22) the stranglers - nice n' sleazy 23) pablo - cissy strut / os mutantes - a minha menina 24) banbarra - shack up 25) joubert singers - stand on the word (larry levan remix) 26) 20th century steel band - heaven and hell 27) the rapture - out of the races 28) cameo - money (reese revamp) / crackhaus - blow brotha blow 29) pj pooterhoots - barf 30) black devil disco club - timing, forget the timing / akufen - whorehouse new process 31) loose joints - is it all over my face? 32) grauzone - eisbar 33) chromeo - destination overdrive (dfa dub) / medium medium - hungry so angry 34) modettes - white mice 35) akufen - quebec nightclub / monte cazazza - sex is no emergency 36) nurse with wound - two shaves and a shine 37) blondie - atomic 38) ricardo villalobos - easy lee / art of noise - moments in love 39) ricardo villalobos - dexter / suicide - dream baby dream 40) ricardo villalobos - dexter / truffle club - autoconform 41) optimo (espacio) end of the night choir - one more tune 42) love - everybody's got to live

UNMIXED CD 1) angelo badalamenti - mullholland drive theme 2) arthur russell - another thought 3) the balanescu quartet - the model 4) lee hazelwood and nancy sinatra - some velvet morning 5) nouvelle vague - guns of brixton 6) big ned - final steps 7) sun city girls - opium den 8) andre williams - bacon fat 9) hasil adkins - chicken walk 10) the monks - i hate you 11) os mutantes - a minha menina 12) the meters - the handclapping song 13) 20th century steel band - heaven and hell 14) the flirtations - nothing but a heartache 15) bush tetras - snakes crawl 16) modettes - white mice 17) the creepers - baby's on fire 18) the only ones - another girl another planet

http://www.optimo.co.uk/killthedj.htm [Mar 2006]

Tigersushi Records is an independent record label based in Paris, France. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tigersushi_Records [Mar 2006]

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