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Groupie Girl (1970) - Derek Ford

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Groupie Girl (1970) - Derek Ford
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Bizarrely viewed as one of those 70`s "sex films" now (due to some nudity) but actually a classic example of a late 60`s youth film. The plot is simple, girl wants to meet pop stars, becomes groupie, moves from band to band.

Has a brilliant (but sadly unavailable) soundtrack and has been reissued on video as "Groupie Girl". If you are into the 60`s, the music and are vaguely broadminded, I recommend this film wholeheartedly. It`s closer to 60`s culture than most of the more famous titles that often spring to mind. --David Walker via Imdb.com

Derek Ford

Derek Ford (September 6, 1932 May 19, 1995) was a British film director, most famous for sexploitation films such as The Wife Swappers (1969), Keep it Up Jack! (1973), Sex Express (1975) (also filmed in a hardcore version), and What's up Superdoc! (1978). In Italy he directed Erotic Fantasies (also 1978), and back in England he quit as the director of Don't Open Til Christmas (1984). For a time he was in partnership with British exploitation filmmaker Stanley Long. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Derek_Ford [Aug 2006]


Diversions is Piccadilly's export to the mid seventies wave of imported porn. It was directed by Derek Ford, the British exploitation pioneer who made I am a Groupie. Diversions employs many exploitation elements through its anecdotal narrative. A woman is transported in handcuffs and under guard by train to prison, and she has a series of erotic daydreams. They range from lyrical haystack fucking to being a Red Cross nurse in World War II raped by a group of soldiers. The biggest shock scene is the vampire fantasy, where she stabs the guy while fucking him, cuts his cock off, licks it, dresses in rubber and dumps his body. Diversions is for fans of the freaky and its star, Heather Deely, is a big titted slut. Bill Landis and Michelle Clifford via http://www.alphabluearchives.com/euro.html [Jun 2004]

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