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Jeff Craven

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Jeff Craven is the founder of Large Records (1992 - )

All-time Top 10

Well, it is impossible to come up with a top ten, but here are a few records that have meant something to me in my life:

1. New Order "Blue Monday"
The greatest selling 12 inch of all time and I think one of the best. Listening to this track for the first time on a hot, sexy night in 1984 ... pure bliss.

2. Mr. Fingers "Closer"
What can I say about this? Pure class from the greatest.

3. St. Etienne "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" ( MAW Dub)
Geniuses at work.

4. Steely Dan "Glamour Profession" from LP "Gaucho"
A convertible car, a California sunset, and my wife by my side with this tune on the Alpine car stereo is all I need. Oh! that piano breakdown!

5. George Benson "Just Give Me the Night"
Close you eyes and think of heaven.

6. Roy Davis Jr. featuring Peven Everett "Gabriel"
The record that allowed me to make peace with God. Perhaps one of the most creative dance records of all time?

7. Stan Getz "Summertime"
An instrumental of the Gershwin classic from the musical Porgy and Bess. Recorded in 1964, this piece haunts me every week. The tenor sax on this ...

8. The Jones Girls "Nights Over Egypt" [Dexter Wansel]
Did this come directly from heaven and the angels?

9. Jerome Kern "Showboat Score" (all compositions)
Perhaps the most influential composer of American Musical Theatre. To hear Lena Horne sing "Can't help lovin dat man" is delicious. This musical explored race relations in America when it was uncomfortable to do so.

10. Kerri Chandler "Atmosphere E.P."
Deep and devastating body music that can never be duplicated.

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