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Large records

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  • http://www.largemusic.com Large Music's official site.

    There are only a few labels from which I immediately pick up records without any second thoughts: Talkin' Loud, Mo'Wax and Expansions were some of them back in the days; Guidance, TronicSole and Pagan are some of my choices nowadays. And then there's also Large Records!

    Large Records was founded in 1992 in Chicago, and since then has released records from people like Kerri Chandler, Julius Papp & Dave Warrin, Mateo & Matos, DJ Sneak, 95 North, Cricco Castelli, USG and DJ Rasoul, to name but a few - a list which reads like the 'Who Is Who' in underground house music. With such artists on their payroll, Large became one of the few top-notch house labels, which can be found on almost every playlist from self-esteemed and famous house DJs. On this page I will try to hunt down some of the many reasons which make Large such an extraordinary house label, followed by an exclusive interview with the man behind Large, Jeff Craven. --http://www.undergroundfiles.com/jeffcraven.html [Nov 2006]

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