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Joseph Mawra

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White Slaves of Chinatown (1964) - Joseph P. Mawra

White Slaves of Chinatown (1964) - Joseph P. Mawra [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0129598/ [Jun 2005]

What Ilsa was to the 1970s, Olga was to the '60s: the ultimate female embodiment of roughie cinema. Born as the sadistic protagonist of the successful bondage and domination film White Slaves of Chinatown, she immediately spawned a line of sequels which increased the sleaze tenfold.

Portrayed by the formidable Audrey Campbell, the resourceful dominatrix/interrogator returned for Olga's House of Shame and the most widely distributed title, Olga's Girls, before switching actress personas for Olga's Dance Hall Girls and the elusive Madame Olga's Massage Parlor. Here Olga lends her cutting-edge skills as the kinky muscle for a crime syndicate intent on uncovering the rat who's been squealing on them to the cops. As it turns out, the guilty party is one of Olga's Chinatown ladies of the evening, so she embarks on a systemic plan of torture and sexual abuse before fate steps in to throw a few unexpected curveballs. --http://www.mondo-digital.com/olgasgirls.html [Jun 2005]

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