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Laurie Anderson (1947 - )


Laurie Anderson (born June 5, 1947) is an American experimental performance artist and musician. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laurie_Anderson [Apr 2005]

Home Of The Brave: A Film By Laurie Anderson - Laurie Anderson

  1. Home Of The Brave: A Film By Laurie Anderson - Laurie Anderson [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]
    1. Smoke Rings 2. White Lily 3. Late Show 4. Talk Normal 5. Language Is A Virus 6. Radar 7. Sharkey's Night 8. Credit Racket
    Laurie Anderson's "Home of the Brave" is more experimental and less overtly musical than the more well-known, "Strange Angels" album. The artist blends her performance art presentation skills with a wildly experimental musical score to produce a unique landscape of sounds and lyrical images which some listeners will find challenging. However, if you are willing to let yourself go and enjoy it, you will find yourself well rewarded for your faith. There are plenty of funky, singable hooks in "Home of the Brave", such as the infectious chorus of "Language is a virus". However, this album is also chock full of unusual sounds and experimental instruments which may lead the timid, pop-oriented audience to squeal, "This is music?!" More adventerous spirits will gleefully respond in the afirmative. Laurie dons a suit of triggers and plays an electronic drum set by dancing and pounding on parts of her body. Guitarist Adrian Belew plays his guitar with various household items, and at one point creates a sound somewhat like an elephant's roar. The most unusual effect on the album is created using an electronic violin and bows strung with taped sound samples. Love it or hate it, the resulting sound is indescribable, and unforgetable. Few artists are capable of this level of experimentation, and even fewer are this successful. This album, as experimental as it is, is perhaps most impressive in it's consistency. Laurie Anderson fans will be hard-pressed to find a "dud" in the bunch. Considering the high-wire act that this album represents, that is no mean feat. --brucewh@pacbell.net for amazon.com

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