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Ministry of Sound


Ministry of Sound is one of the most famous nightclubs in the world of electronic music. Located in the Southwark - Waterloo district of South London, Ministry of Sound was one of the key locations in the development of house music in Britain in the late 1980s. DJs mix live sets every night of the week. The MoS boasts two spacious dance floors as well as a Sony PlayStation room and Absolut chill bar.

Ministry of Sound is also a record label that produces many compilations each year, featuring many artists. These compilations are compiled from many different genres of music, but primarily the dance, house, and trance genres. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ministry_of_Sound [Feb 2005]

Club [...]

Ministry of Sound - the club - opened in London in September 1991 and has since established a cult following among clubbers world-wide. The club's phenomenal success has been built on the very high quality of its music programming and promotion, it's world renowned custom-built sound system and the distinctive Ministry of Sound logo. --http://www.intuitivemusic.com/ministryofsound.html [Jul 2004]

Record Label [...]

One of Europe's largest independent record labels, Ministry of Sound Recordings has released a host of Number One albums. The albums comprise dance tracks mixed by famous DJs including Boy George, PETE TONG and JUDGE JULES, all of whom are signed exclusively to the label as well as many other well known DJs. Other reputed artists in this label are CARL COX, FERRY CORSTEN, PAUL VAN DYK, BANCO DE GAIA, LISA LASHES, DAVID MORALES, SASHA, Cassius, CHRISTOPHER LAWRENCE, TIMO MAAS, SATOSHI TOMIIE, ANNE SAVAGE, LTJ BUKEM, ROGER SANCHEZ, CARL CRAIG, SLAM, TIESTO, and SVEN VATH. --http://www.intuitivemusic.com/ministryofsound.html [Jul 2004]



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