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Paul Simpson

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  • new: Carlos Sanchez Movement, Paul Simpson and Joe Claussell mixes on Maxi Track records.
  • EZS 7512 Serious Intention 'You Don't Know (Oh-Oh-Oh)' (1986)

    A native New Yorker, Paul Simpson quickly established himself as local radio jock on Kiss and WBLS. After a sabbatical in Philadelphia working with Vincent Montana Jr and MFSB and the Trammps, he returned to the city and formed the Paul Simpson Connection. A deal was struck with Easy Street with 'Treat Her Sweeter' the resultant single. Issued in the spring of 1985 the song, with its rambling 'if you treat her sweeter it 'll be cheaper to keep her' chorus, won instant appeal and found a UK home via Virgin's Ten imprint. Simpson was also the guiding production force behind Serious Intention and their club smash You Don't Know (Oh-Oh-Oh) which featured the leading vocals of Anthony Malloy. Billed by many as the natural successor of the Philly classic, 'Love Is the Message', the track originally shipped in October 1984, but is was a full year until the 'Set It Off' styled remix exposed it to a wider audience.Written by Eden, (Deep Beats Easy Street compilation part II)

    On Streetwise rds, Paul Simpson collaborated with Winston Jones

  • Philly Sound Works rds
    • PSW-10482 Montana Sextet Heavy Vibes 1982
    • PSW-????? Trammps features a Simpson mix 19??
  • Easy Street records
    • 7517 The Paul Simpson Connection 'Treat Her Sweeter' 1985
    • 7524 Sleeque 'One For The Money' 1986
    • Syphonia Can't get over your love 1985
    • 7536 Adeva/In & Out Of My Life 19xx
    • 7512 Serious Intention 'You don't know' 1985 (Easy Street, Pow Wow?)
    • 7544 Serious Intention 'We Know' 19xx
    • 7602 Serious Intention 'Now U Know'(994)
    • Serious Intention She's So Serious 198x (Easy Street, Pow Wow?)
  • Streetwise records (Arthur Baker s label)
    • 2209 Paul Simpson Connection - 'Use Me, Lose Me' 1982
    • Push E - 'Don't Take Your Love Away'
  • RCA records
    • Barbara Roy with EPP 1987 release
  • Warner Brothers rds
      0-20577 Skipworth & Turner Won't get no better/Nepenthe (1986)
  • Cutting rds
    • CR-300 Rochelle Fleming 'Danger' (1994)
    • CR-312 Rochelle Fleming 'Danger'
    • I can't say for sure that Paul mixed on this one
  • CR-340 Rochelle Fleming Suffer!' (1995)

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