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"Love Is The Message" (1973) - MFSB

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PIR Twelve inch version of "Love is the Message"

Philadelphia Classics () - Various artists [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

also featured on Rhino's Give Your Body Up: Club Classics & House Foundations , vol. 2 [Amazon US]

The Brooklyn national anthem

The granddady of club music

This two disc set of Tom Moulton mixes features a 13 minutes (or whereabouts) version)

Written by Gamble and Huff and arranged by Bobby Martin in 1973 for its first MFSB-incarnation. The track got its first remix by Tom Moulton

"Love Is The Message" is called by many the granddaddy of club music. The bassline of the second part of the track was used by Vince Montana Jr in 'Heavy Vibes' and by Shep Pettibone on "Ooh, I Love it (love break)" (1983) on Salsoul records.

Later still, Morales and Munzibai mix Hi Voltage's LITM for Began Cekic's One Way records. This is not the last version because Tee Scott had a go at it on the same One Way records.

There are many more versions.

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