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In the application of statistics to advertising and media analysis, reach is defined as the size of the audience who listen to, read, view or otherwise access a particular work in a given time period. Reach may be stated either as an absolute number, or as a fraction of a population.

For any given viewer, they have "reached" the work if they have viewed it at all during the specified time period. Multiple viewings by a single member of the audience in the cited time period do not increase reach.

Since reach is a time-dependent summary of aggregate audience behavior, reach figures are meaningless without a time period associated with them: an example of a valid reach figure would be to state that "[example website] had a one-day reach of 1565 per million on 21 March 2004". --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reach [Oct 2004]

Penetration (business) [...]

In business, penetration is often short for market penetration, the degree to which a product or service is known and/or used among potential customers. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penetration [Oct 2004]

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