Robert Mello

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Robert Mello

London based DJ and Producer Rob Mello has recorded, produced, and remixed a plethora of House records over the past ten years, under various guises. One of these illustrious guises was the pioneering disco house duo Disco Elements, previously signed to Azuli Records, which Rob was a co-founder of. Rob was also co-founder of the saucy house label Luxury Service and, alongside Ashley Beedle, produced the first Black Science Orchestra single "Where were you", released on the legendary London house label 'Boys Own'. More recently Rob has been working on his debut artist album which will be ready for release early 2002 on Classic Records.

Rob has also made the move into film score work. In 1999 Rob, along with Matthew Herbert, was responsible for writing all the incidental music on the UK club culture movie 'Human Traffic'. Rob was also responsible for compiling a Japanese only version of the soundtrack, called "A Tribute To Human Traffic".

DJ wise, Rob has been DJing for over fourteen years, and has pioneered his own inimitable style that is much in demand in clubs all over the world. Rob's DJ reputation has seen him DJ at the Cannes Film Festival, Respect at The Rex in Paris, the renowned Sub Club in Scotland, as well as regular dates in Moscow, the U.S., Cape town, Switzerland, Ireland, Norway, Italy etc. Rob regularly plays in London at Bar Rhumba, The End, Fabric and Plastic People. Rob has also recently set a new bi weekly Sunday night at the renowned Notting Hills Arts Club. Residents Rob Mello, Andre King and Doc Martin play host to such esteemed guests as Derrick Carter, Harvey, Iz & Diz, Mark Farina and Cosmo amongst others. Rob is also resident at Classic Recording's bi-monthly label night at The End, alongside Derrick Carter and Luke Solomon.


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