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Rosalba Neri

unidentified photo of Rosalba Neri
sourced here. [Mar 2005]


Rosalba Neri may be the ultimate eurotrash queen. Like fellow starlets Femi Benussi and Orchidea De Sanctis, she's luscious and seemingly omnipresent, appearing in over 85 films and the subject of the 2002 German documentary Rosalba Neri: The Italian Sphinx. With early appearances in films such as Mario Bava's Hercules in the Haunted World (1961), and Jess Franco's Castle of Fu Manchu (1967), her talents only really started being utilized after she appeared in the outrageous Top Sensation with Edwige Fenech in 1969. Known for her uninhibited lesbian scenes, Neri's in top form in this Ottavio Alessi overload. The early 70s saw an explosion of Neri films, among them Lady Frankenstein (1971 - directed by Mel Welles of Spectreman fame), Joe D'Amato's The Arena (1973) where she acted alongside American exploitation stalwarts Pam Grier and Margaret Markov, underrated director Duccio Tessari's Tony Arzenta (1973) with Alain Delon (and a bad red wig) and The Viterbury Stories (1973), one of a huge wave of bawdy Decamerotics. One of her most memorable roles undoubtedly comes courtesy Fernando Di Leo's Slaughter Hotel (1971), where she plays a nympho in a residential clinic run by the sketchy Klaus Kinski. --Kier-La's Top 10 Sexadelic 70's Euro-Starlets (originally written for Celebrity Skin Magazine) via http://www.criminalcinema.com/films/EuroTrashStarlets.htm [Apr 2005]

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