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Nicole Kidman (2006) - David Thomson
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A long and winding meditation on moviemaking and starmaking.

Barbara Steele, photocredit unidentified

Audrey Hepburn, photo unidentified

Soledad Miranda, photo unidentifed

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Actresses: Ursula Andress - Laura Antonelli - Asia Argento - Ewa Aulin - Theda Bara - Brigitte Bardot - Monica Bellucci - Femi Benussi - Jane Birkin - Erika Blanc - Florinda Bolkan - Clara Bow - Louise Brooks - Marilyn Chambers - Corinne Clery - Marlene Dietrich - Edwige Fenech - Jane Fonda - Laura Gemser - Isabelle Huppert - Eva Ionesco - Grace Jones - Sandra Julien - Nastassja Kinski - Hedy Lamarr - Dagmar Lassander - Marie Liljedahl - Christina Lindberg - Sophia Loren - Linda Lovelace - Silvana Mangano - Jayne Mansfield - Mary Mendum - Soledad Miranda - Chesty Morgan - Jeanne Moreau - Marilyn Monroe - Julianne Moore - Rosalba Neri - Bettie Page - Essy Persson - Ingrid Pitt - Janine Reynaud - Romy Schneider - Delphine Seyrig - Elke Sommer - Barbara Steele - Sharon Tate - Mary Woronov -

Theda Bara in a publicity shot for A Fool There Was (1915) - Frank Powell [Amazon.com]


An actor is a person who acts, or plays a role in an artistic production. The term commonly refers to someone working in movies, television, live theatre, or radio, and can occasionally denote a street entertainer. Besides playing dramatic roles, actors may also sing or dance or work only on radio or as a voice artist. A female actor is an actress, although an increasingly large group feel that the term "actor" should be redefined as being gender-neutral and used for both men and women. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Actor [Dec 2004]

Fictional character

A fictional character is any person who appears in a work of fiction. More accurately, a fictional character is the person or conscious entity we imagine to exist within the world of such a work. In addition to people, characters can be aliens, animals, gods or, occasionally, inanimate objects. Characters are almost always at the center of fictional texts, especially novels and plays. It is, in fact, hard to imagine a novel or play without characters, though such texts have been attempted (James Joyce's Finnegans Wake is one of the most famous examples). In poetry, there is almost always some sort of person present, but often only in the form of a narrator or an imagined listener.

In various forms of theatre, performance arts and cinema (except for animation and CGI movies), fictional characters are performed by actors, dancers and singers. In animations and puppetry, they are voiced by voice actors, though there have been several examples, particularly, in machinima, where characters are voiced by computer generated voices. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fictional_character [Apr 2005]

Movie stardom and the sexual revolution [...]

Beautiful women and extremely handsome men were rigorously selected to become movie stars and when they were cast in movies with romantic scenes of love, kissing, hugging, and flirting, an entire culture was transformed as it became more acceptable to show feelings of affection in public. The very conservative mood leading up to the twentieth century gave way to a growing erotic milieu as popularized by the movie industry emanating from the studios of places like Hollywood.

Nudity on screen was at first rare. But with the passage of time people became more tolerant of partial nudity for men and the display of female actress's breasts, at first to adult audiences, and later to more general ones. The invention of television made it possible for scenes of love and romance to be broadcast into any home with a "TV". A whole genre of actors who were particularly well-endowed with charisma and “sex appeal" arose. Thus an entire culture arose which was steeped in and eroticized by movie and TV culture, far removed from the more inhibiting times of an "old fashioned" morality rooted in "Bible-thumping" religion.

Famous names in entertainment became not just "stars" but also "goddesses". Beautiful women such as Marilyn Monroe, Raquel Welch, Brigitte Bardot, Jane Fonda, Sophia Loren, Madonna and later young imitators, were explicit in casting a sexual aura about themselves as actresses and to the celebrity-hungry media. A love scene in every movie was accepted as the norm. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexual_revolution [Oct 2004]

Christina Lindberg
image sourced here.

Dagmar Lassander

Dagmar Lassander
image sourced here.

see also: Femina Ridens (1969)

Elke Sommer, photocredit unidentified
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Grace Jones in Vamp (1986) - Richard Wenk
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Vamp is a colloquial term applied to describe a particular type of femme fatale, popular in silent films. The term is a shortening of the word vampire, and is used to describe a woman who is glamorous in an exotic, stylised and usually overstated manner. She is usually noted for her striking features, dark clothing and hair, and cosmetics which darken and accentuate the eyes and lips. Her character is a heartless seductress, and the men she seduces are usually shown as helpless victims unable to resist her. From the perspective of American film audiences, she is often seen as foreign, usually of undetermined Eastern European or Asian ancestry. She was designed as the sexual counterpoint of the wholesome actresses such as Lillian Gish and Mary Pickford. Among the notable vamps of the silent screen were Theda Bara, Pola Negri, and in her earliest film appearances, Myrna Loy. Television star Jackée Harry was popularly classified as a vamp, many years after the age of the vamp was supposed to have ended. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vamp_%28woman%29 [Apr 2005]

Gene Tierney

Gene Tierney
image sourced here. [May 2005]

Gene Eliza Tierney (November 19, 1920 - November 6, 1991) was an American film actress. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gene_Tierney [May 2005]

inspired by José Bénazéraf

Cult Movie Stars (1991) - Danny Peary [...]

Cult Movies Stars - Danny Peary [Amazon.com]

Cult Movie Stars sounds like a publisher's idea for a follow-up to Peary's best known books, but if it isn't in the same league as those, it's certainly worth owning. Peary deals with 750 performers, ranging from major stars like Dietrich, Davis and Bogart, to horror actors, skin-flick starlets and even British comedians (at last an American book which recognises the Sid James phenomenon, even if it does mistakenly say he was in Carry On Nurse). Certainly one can quibble about the selection criteria (De Niro is included but not Pacino; I looked in vain for Mariana Hill; and to bring the book up to date, perhaps the likes of Winona Ryder and Christian Slater should have been present) - but that would be to miss the point. This does not attempt to be a definitive reference book but an appealing dip into the world of cult stars - hence there is no attempt to provide complete filmographies, just a smattering of the stars' most interesting output.

Peary writes: ‘My intention is to get movie fans to seek out particular stars and show why others are so devoted to them.’ His mini-essays succeed at this, communicating a real enthusiasm for cultural icons and obscure exploitation stars alike. His criticism is concise and full of insight - and he has a talent for useful subjective writing. Of Natalie Wood, he writes: ‘It's such a relief when Santa gets her the home she dreams about in Miracle on 34th Street, when James Dean loves her in Rebel Without a Cause ...I just wish someone was there for her in Splendor in the Grass. She was my favourite actress and, like many, I get chills when, in that picture, she almost drowns.’
Darren Slade

[Book that got me started in being interested in offbeat cinema: About movie stars and their films who developed a cult audience. Riveting read. Limited availability.]


Attrici Amy Morrow Asia Argento Alesha Oreskovich Alexandra Pascalido Ali Arter Alice Deejay Alicia Rickter Amber Brkick Amber Smith Ambra pornostar Ana Beatriz Barros Angel Lynn Boris Angela Basset Angela Giovanni Angelie Almendare Ann Collins Anna Bergman Anna Bruno Anna Gael Anna Kournikova Anna Pettinelli Anna Wennerholm Annie Belle Ariel Besse Asa Vilback Barbara Luna Barbara Shelley Beatrice Cori Becky Delosantos Berry Brook Beryl Cunningham Beyonce Knowles Bridget Maasland Candy Dreams Carole Pierac Caroline Munro Caroline Munro Carrie-Ann Moss Catherine Handerborg Catherine Madigan Cathy Menard Cathy Ringer Chai lee Charlotte Rampling Charlotte Ross Chiara Muti Chisa Aizawa Chloe Sevigny Christina Leardini Christine Chavert Claudia Barry Claudia Lange Claudia Von Stadt Claudine Beccarie Corinne Clery Crippy Yocard Cristina Quaranta Dalila Di Lazzaro Daniela Rinaldi Daryl Hannah Debbie Harry Diana Dors Diane Heidkruger Diane Lane Dina Meyer Doris Orlando Dorothy Stratten Edwige Fenech Eileen Seeley Elaine Reynolds Eleonore Bose Elizabeth Sanders Elle Mac Pherson Emanuela Folliero Emily Watson Eva Kleber Fay Georgakopoulou Florinda Franca Licastro Francesca D'Auria Francesca Gollini Francoise Prevost Gaia Zucchi Galina Orlowa Giovanna Ronchesi Gisele Bundchen Haydee Politoff Hazel Court Hazel O'Connor Helen Slater Inga Irene Dudzinska Isabella Biagini Ivana Giordan Iza Vit Jenny Hanley Jenny Tamburi Jessica Steen Jillian McWhirter Jo Chiarello Joan Chen Joanne Jodie Foster John Swannell Jole Rosa Julie Edge Juliette Lewis Kate O'mara Kate Simmons Kathleen Quinlan Kelly Preston Kitty Swan Lara Flynn Boyle Laura Antonelli Laura Belli Laura Gemser Laura Gualtieri Laura Luca Le gemelle Bentley Leelee Sobieski Leigh Sands Lia Chi Liliana Forcadori Linda Carter Linda Evans Linda Hayden Linda Lusardi Lisa Gastoni Lisa Kudrow Livia Romano Liz Barret Loredana Bertè Lorena Forteza Lorenza Guerrieri Madeleine Smith Madonna Manuela Arcuri Marcela Walerstein Margaret Rose Keil Margherita Giacomelli Mariadivera Dol Marina Coltellessa Marina Perzy Marina Sassi Marisa Patulli Martine Beswick Marylin Tindahm May Line Mia Njgren Michelle Pfeiffer Milena Cantu Mirella Mereu Monica Bellucci Monica Strebel Monique Gabrielle Muriel Blain Nadia Biondini Nancy Brilly Nastassia Kinski Natalia Semanova Natalie Uhrer Natascha Kinski Nicole Kidman Nikky Anderson Olinka Berova Patricia Heaton Piera degli Espositi Rachel Welch Raffaella Azim Reese Witherspoone Rossella Or Salma Hayek Samantha Fox Samantha Mathis Sandra Bullock Sarah Michelle Gellar Selen Sharon Walton Sigourney Weaver Silvia Kristel Silvia Rocca Stefania Orlando Stephanie Beacham Stephanie Powers Summer Altice Susan Denberg Susanna Barret Susanna Pericoli Sylva Koscina Tamara Baroni Tamara Donà Tea Leoni Teresa May Tiffany Taylor Tishara Cousino Tracy Dixon Tracy Reiner Uma Thurman Ursula Andress Valentine Demy Valerie Leon Vanessa Gleason Vanessa Redgrave Vera Matisc Veronica Carlson Veronica Zemanova Victoria Vetri Violetta Kolek Vivian Hsu Yumi Lee Yutte Stensgaard Yvonne Dabbraccio Yvonne Romain --http://www.eracle.it/attrici/le_attrici_di_eracle.asp

Cult actresses


Barbara Bouchet, photo unidentified

Laura Antonelli Barbara Bouchet Monica Bellucci Penelope Cruz Jennifer Connelly Jennifer Jason Leigh Christina Lindberg Sophie Marceau Franka Potente Chloe Sevigny

CULT ACTRESSES (Exploitation Stars) Rene Bond Uschi Digard Edwige Fenech Marie Forsa Laura Gemser Serena Grandi Brigitte Lahaie Christina Lindberg Lina Romay --http://www.cinebizarre.com/main_star.htm [Jun 2005]

In questo sito troverete un elenco dei principali attori che hanno rappresentato il cinema italiano tra la fine degli anni sessanta e l'inizio degli anni ottanta; ovvero il periodo più creativo che si possa ricordare di questo paese. Sotto la guida di importantissimi registi, questi personaggi hanno contribuito all'evoluzione del cinema internazionale e sono tutt'ora rivalutati anche all'estero. Per ogni nome troverete una filmografia ( in alcuni casi non completa, ma indicante i titoli più importanti) ,in alcuni una biografia, interviste e qualche immagine.


Love goddesses

Claudia Cardinale, photocredit unidentified

Belinda Lee, photocredit unidentified

Senta Berger, photocredit unidentified

Senta Berger played in Quando le donne persero la coda (1972) directed by Pasquale Festa Campanile.

Ursula Andress, photocredit unidentified

Cheryl Grunwald, photocredit unidentified

images sourced at http://www.lovegoddess.info [May 2005]

very first movies did not reveal the names of the actors and actresses in the credit titles. Public interest however was so strong that nicknames were given to the most frequently seen players. One nameless face was soon dubbed "The Biograph Girl" and another "The Vitograph Girl".

Once it became clear that movie patrons were fascinated by the stars, movie moguls quickly realised that personal publicity for stars would pay dividends at the box office. Fictitious life stories were invented and, not long after, flattering photographs were incorporated into the scheme.

An entire sub-industry of glamour was established and central to this was the glamour photographer. The best of these photographers developed new ideas and skills in capturing people's images in a flattering way, and now decades later, some, like George Hurrell and Eugene Robert Richee, are rightly celebrated as masters of their craft. --http://www.lovegoddess.info/Movie%20Pin-up%20revised.htm [May 2005]

see also: diva

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