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Veerle Windels

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Young Belgian Fashion Design (2001) - Veerle Windels, Etienne Tordoir [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]


Belgian Fashion Writer.

BELGIAN FASHION: What Lies Beneath

An exhibition styled by Christophe Coppens
Saturday June 26th – Sunday August 22th, 2004

“How do you always come up with new ideas?” This is one of the questions most asked of fashion designers. Christophe Coppens, an accessory designer and artist himself, was commissioned by The Flemish Arts Centre, 'de Brakke Grond', to coordinate an exhibition about the sources of inspiration and the influences of Belgian fashion in the creative process. Assisted by journalist Veerle Swindels, he attempts to map out the creative process in design as a craft. BELGIAN FASHION: What Lies Beneath is an exhibition which goes to the core and essence of designing.

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