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A werewolf in folklore and mythology is a person who changes into a wolf, either by purposefully using magic or by being placed under a curse. In fictional treatments starting in the 19th century and in popular modern superstition, this transformation takes place during the full moon, either for a few nights every month or permanently. Most modern references agree that a werewolf can be killed if shot by a silver bullet, although this is more a reflection of fiction's influence than an authentic feature of the folk legends. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Werewolf [Apr 2005]

The Company of Wolves (1984) - Neil Jordan

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The Company of Wolves (1984) - Neil Jordan [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

The tangled forest is misty with mystery, the thatched cottages are cute and quaint, and the dashing rogues are devious charmers, but this revision of "Little Red Riding Hood" is not your usual fairy tale. In the troubled dreams of an adolescent girl in the hormonal rush of puberty, it becomes a veritable werewolf story with lush storybook imagery, gothic horror flourishes, and decidedly sexual implications. Director Neil Jordan, who collaborated with author Angela Carter in this 1985 adaptation of her story, applies a knowing intelligence to the bittersweet tale. The often startling transformation effects may appear primitive compared to modern movies, but the delight is in the dark imagination, dense textures, and fantastical wonders of this dream world. Angela Lansbury is the story-spinning granny and David Warner the understanding woodsman father, and watch for a devilish cameo by a sinister and seductive Terence Stamp. --Sean Axmaker, Amazon.com essential video

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