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Yoshifumi Hayashi

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Little is known about Japanese erotic artist Yoshifumi Hayashi. Apart from this page and Thierry Zalic's site, and some books on arcanabooks.com, not much is available online. I encountered the work of Hayashi in Paris when I was seventeen. I was browsing a bargain bin of books right across the centre Pompidou. His work 'struck me' immediately but I was too shy to buy it at the time.

The work of Hayashi was also my first encounter with the seductive art of japanese bondage. [...]

When I was in my early twenties, I found a movie by Walerian Borowczyk (1980, Hyper Erotic Art: Hayashi), consisting of the a camera panning over the work of Hayashi, accompanied by 'classical' music.

Later still, the Divazine magazines shed some light on his work and some other erotic literature. But a major publisher has not yet made a book about him. Long overdue in my opinion.

Yoshifumi Hayashi subject matter is the human body.

French Intro

Hayashi n’offre pas la peau, il réaménage l’interne. Il trifouille, comme l’enfant ouvre le réveil pour en examiner les entrailles, et remonte tout en désordre au gré de sa sûre fantaisie. Bâtir son rêve, même nauséabond. [...]

Some Pictures

  • http://thierry.zalic.free.fr/pages/online2/hayashi.htm

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