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2002 music

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  • LCD Soundsystem - Losing My Edge [James Murphy]
  • Bronx Dogs - Can it be Funky


    1. Serie Noire (2002) - Various Artists [Amazon UK]
      1. Unit - Logic System 2. Jamaica running - Pool 3. Adventures in success - Powers, Will 4. Mammagamma (instrumental version) - Parsons, Alan Project 5. Flesh - Split Second 6. Euroshima - Snowy Red 7. Looking from a hilltop - Wardance 7 Section 25 8. Funkatarium - Jump (2) 9. Miura - Metro Area 10. Hypnotic tango (instrumental version) - My Mine 11. Film 2 - Grauzone 12. 8.15 to nowhere - Vicious Pink 13. Bus - Executive Slacks 14. End - Carpenter, John 15. Big man restless - Kissing The Pink 16. Nothing is true everything is permitted - Peron, Carlos 17. Shake the mind - C-Cat Trance

      The ‘Serie Noire’ series presents a historical overview of key electronic cuts from the past, which are influencing the producers and DJs of today. Specific attention is paid to the brooding, dark electronics of the Belgian new beat scene, which emerged out of clubs like Ghent’s Boccaccio and Antwerp’s AB. Mixed by Belgian's most adventurous DJs the Glimmer Twins, out on Eskimo Records.

    2. Raiding the Crates - DJ Spinna [1 CD, Amazon US]
      01:Brace/It Starts Inside 02:Butti 49/Brasilikum 03:Chuck Perkins/Jazz Funeral 04:Kevin Yost/Swinging 05:Blue Boy/Funky Friday 06:Iz + Diz/Down 4 U 07:A:Xus feat. Naomi Nsombi/Baghdad Cafe (Callin' U) 08:Dino & Terry/Croque Monsieur 09:F 'N' L/Sea Of Desire 10:Brother of Soul/Be Right There 11:Paul Hunter/Reflection 12:Deep Sensation/Don't Stop 13:Alton Miller/Time And Space 14:Dubtribe Sound System/El Regalo De Amor 15:F 'N' L/Besos De Los Angeles 16:Uptight Productions/Righteous Dub 17:Projekt: PM/Don't You Forget 18:A:Xus/When I Fall In Love 19:DJ Deep/Signature 20:Mutabaruka/Dis Poem '99 21:Pascal featuring Mr. Day/Hanging Around The Bee Tree 22:Kevin Yost/Natural High 23:Glenn Underground/City People 24:Ursula Rucker/Circe (Jazzanova Mix)

    3. Moments in Dub (2002) - Jordan Fields [CD Amazon UK]
      If you've been following the rich if not slightly chequered musical history of the Mo Wax label from the early proto trip-hop of Shadow and Krush right through to the contemporary indie pop of South, Moments in Dub from Chicago-based DJ and producer Jordan Fields may come as something of a surprise--not because Mo Wax has never "done house" before, but because it's never done it quite like this.
      Bar perhaps the opening Rhodes jazz of "Mood Groove" and the Taana Gardner sampling hip-hop funk of "What You Want", this is out-and-out club house, from the deep and techie to the minimal and funky. Take the driving hypnotism of "London 88", the jacking, acid-touched loop and filter of "Paradise Mirage" or the disco-fuelled slap bass of "In Dub with You". None of this would sound that out of place coming from the likes of Sneak or DJ Q. That said, the ever present themes of soul, disco and funk help ensure that this remains a house album with an uplifting difference. --Found Sounds Amazon.co.uk Review

    4. Nova Classics Three [CD, Amazon US] [FR] [DE] [UK]
      1. Papa Was A Rolling Stone(The Pioneers) 2. The Message(Grand Master Flash) 3. Superman Lover(Johnny Guitar Watson) 4. Coffee Cold(Galt Mac Dermot) 5. Pacific State(808 State) 6. Simply Beautiful(Al Green) 7. War(Ewin Star) 8. Modus Operandi(Photek) 9. Beggin'(Timebox) 10. Sweet Songs(Sarah Webster Fabio) 11. Life Is A Flower(Sam Carty) 12. Ere Mela Mele(Mahmoud Ahmed) 13. An Evening With Hefner Pt.3(Hefner) 14. Move On Up(Curtis Mayfield) [...]

    5. Latin Disco(2002) - Various Artists [CD, Amazon US] [FR] [DE] [UK]
      1. Corazon - LTG Exchange 2. Latin disco - Counts (1) 3. Do it anyway you wanna - Ramirez, Louie 4. Afro hustle - Perez, Luis 5. Inner city jam (mambomonique) - Inner City Jam Band 6. Watu wasuri - Puente, Tito 7. Untitled - Delgado, Kaime Aparicio & Su Orchestra Contemporanea 8. Sunny - Yambu 9. Spirit of love - Palmieri, Eddie 10. To be in love - Puente, Tito & India 11. Hot to trot - De La Fe, Alfredo 12. Lady Marmalade - Santamaria, Mongo (1) [...]

    6. The Headphone Masterpiece (2002) - Cody Chesnutt [CD, Amazon US] [FR] [DE] [UK]
      When you put the word "masterpiece" in the title of your debut double CD, you'd damn well better be able to back it up. Thankfully, Cody Chesnutt has the goods. This precocious, sex-obsessed, spaced-out, spiritual singer is practically bursting at the seams with talent and ideas. With The Headphone Masterpiece, he delivers a homemade, lo-fi stew made of smooth funk, forceful rock, and gritty hip-hop, all topped off by the sweet-crooning voice of a great soul singer. Across 36 tracks, Chesnutt invites you into his psyche, and it's a unique journey to say the least, wending as it does from the weightiest of spiritual concerns to that morning's hard-on. So is it a masterpiece? Well, not quite. Even Mr. Chesnutt must believe that he's got better music still in him. But The Headphone Masterpiece is an ambitious opening salvo from an artist who may well take his place in the celebrated lineage that extends from Hendrix and Sly Stone through George Clinton, Prince, D'Angelo, and so on. Once he learns to harness his surging electricity, Chesnutt may offer us a true masterpiece--or even a few of them. --Marc Greilsamer for amazon.com [...]

    7. Another Late Night - Various Artists - Tommy Guerrero [1 CD, Amazon US] [FR] [DE] [UK]
      Fifth installment in the popular series. Compiled by the renowned beat specialist & all round skate culture dude Tommy Guerrero. As is befits a man of Tom's stature his musical pickings are nothing less than ripe. There's plenty of soul in here from the likes of Bill Withers & Rufus Thomas as well as true-born blues (Muddy Waters) & funk (Main Ingredient). As is traditional, the host contributes a track (a cover of 'Come Together', exclusive to this release) & there's a spoken word piece, handled remarkably by none other than Sir Patrick Moore. Slipcase. 17 tracks. 2002. Azuli.
      1. Can't Get Up If You Can't Get Down - Port Authority 2. Tomcat - Muddy Waters 3. Slippin' Into Darkness - Ramsey Lewis 4. Taboo - Santana 5. Funky - Chemical Brothers 6. Same Brown Earth - Latin Players 7. I'm Her Daddy - Bill Withers 8. Funkiest Man Alive - Rufus Thomas 9. Euphrates - Main Ingredient 10. One More Time - Cymande 11. Web - Hampton Hawes 12. Viva Tirado - El Chicano 13. Is It Because I'm Black - Syl Johnson 14. Vitamin C - Can 15. Summer Song - Ronnie Foster 16. Come Together - Tommy Guerro

    8. Kissin Time - Marianne Faithfull [1 CD, Amazon US] [FR] [DE] [UK]
      Marianne Faithfull is still more famous in some circles for whom she slept with in the 1960s than for her talents as singer and lyricist. Kissin' Time centers on that unjust state of affairs and consequently smells not of roses, but stale perfume, spilt gin, and sex. The result is one of her best albums. Comprised of collaborations with the likes of Beck, Blur, Pulp, Billy Corgan, and Dave Stewart, Kissin' Time serves up everything from spiky electro-pop (Beck's superb "Sex with Strangers") to Tom Waits-lite (Blur's rather self-conscious title track). "Song for Nico" is a no-punches-pulled ballad to the Velvet Underground chanteuse, while the magnificent "Sliding Through Life on Charm" finds Pulp providing the perfect backdrop for a hilariously filthy autobiographical screed. Faithfull's cracked growl and painfully personal lyrics are an acquired taste. But if you can deal with sexual and emotional honesty, as well as deliberately eclectic tunes and textures, you'll be treated to bold, bitter, and elegantly profane pop art. --Garry Mulholland

    9. Put Your Phazers on Stun Throw Your Health Food Skyward (2002) - Earl Zinger [1 CD, Amazon US][FR] [DE] [UK]
      Okay, so here's the real deal. Zinger has, over the past couple of years, been releasing 7" records on his 'Red Egyptian' record label, which have attained somewhat of a cult status. He's recenlty released an album rediculously entitled 'Put Your Phasers On Stun Thow Your Healthfood Skyward', containing a litany of quirky tracks which cleverly and humourously recycle other songs, some well known, others not. With an abundance of cheeky word-play and conceptual innovations, and plenty of nods musically and lyrically to 'The Scene' thrown in, he's been pretty heavily promoted by the likes of Gilles Peterson, Straight No chaser magazine et al, and rightly so. --know the ledge [...]

    10. Music is a Reason to Celebrate - Joe Claussell [Amazon US]
      1. Celebration - Mseleku, Bheki 2. Gypsy man (live) - War (1) 3. Sweet talk - Beck, Robin 4. Oba la vem ela - Ben, Jorge 5. Fanga alafia - Drum Dance 6. People hold on - Flint, Earl 7. AIEA mwana - Black Hood 8. To know you is to love you - Syreeta 9. Sunny - Yambu 10. Gay cavalier - Havens, Richie 11. Message (remix) - Ade, King Sunny 12. Changes (Larry Levans mix) - Imagination 13. Mysteries of Life - Michiru, Monday 14. Pagliacci - Maynard Ferguson 15. El cantante - Lavoe, Hector 16. Is this love - Marley, Bob 17. Chris - Metheny, Pat 18. Spanish gypsy - Gasca, Luis 19. Star flight - Band That Came To Earth 20. Erucu - Jackson, Jermaine 21. Optimistic - Sounds Of Blackness 22. Messin' around - Spirit Of Atlantic 23. Let's get together - Todd, Pam & Love Exchange 24. Pagliacci - Ferguson, Maynard

    11. Mushroom Jazz 4 (2002) - Mark Farina [1 CD, Amazon US]
      1. Little Soul, A - Pete Rock 2. Hot Bananas - Scienz Of Life 3. Suite For Beaver Part 1, The - People Under The Stairs Listen Listen 4. Truth In Position - Maspyke 5. Chicago Babe - Trankilou 6. Wiggle And Giggle - Joshua 7. Shoplif - Ripshop feat. Mr. Lif 8. Keep Your Head Up - Laurnea 9. Original Beats - DJ Slave 10. No - Fat Jon 11. Mellow Soul Fruit - Wick Wack 12. Listen - Benny Blanko 13. Phone Tap - Bernal Boogie 14. Irreconcilable - Sub-Conscious 15. Seems To Know - Juluis Papp & Dave Warrin 16. Find Yourself - Space Hopper 17. Dayz - DJ Spinna 18. Big Fish - Dubbie-D 19. Bath Music - Greyboy feat. Dave Pike & Elgin Park
      For the fourth release in his acclaimed Mushroom Jazz series, DJ Mark Farina lets the urban dance and hip-hop roll while staying true to the downtempo, rainy-day-jazz mode that inspired the series title. Farina has left a trail of devoted jazz-house fans in his wake, from Chicago to San Francisco. Some might not follow the path he walks on this record, which even more than Jazz 3 finds inspiration in the DJ flava of rappers like Mr. Lif and Fat Jon. Others will appreciate the easy, smooth vibe of the record, not to mention Farina's always dependable taste in selections and contrasts. Benny Blanko's "Listen" empties into the funky din of Bernal Boogie's "Phone Tap" with nary a ripple, while tracks from Scienz of Life and People Under the Stairs hypnotize and pleasantly disorient the listener with a sweaty serenity. By cradling rougher styles in smooth trip textures, Farina successfully expands his palette and keeps the series crispy fresh. --Matthew Cooke for amazon.com [...]

    12. For Those Who Like to Get Down (2002) - Marques Wyatt [1 CD, Amazon US]
      1. For Those Who Like To Get Down 2. Change For Me - Osunlade Presents Erro 3. Green Tea - Slowsupreme 4. Feel Alive - Demetrios Project 5. Precious Lord - Paul Johnson 6. Love Vibe - Iz + Diz 7. Mind Magic - Majestika 8. Loot - Mafikizolo 9. Days Like This - Shaun Escoffery 10. Outta Space - Daniel Paul 11. Oda Oya - Ola Jagun And His Ancestral Rhythms 12. Caf=E9 De Flore - Doctor Rockit 13. Brooklyn (Where I Live - Kerri Chandler featuring E-Man 14. Rubbersong - The Rurals This is the real McCoy: Thumping bass, slick *ss mixes, a great groove for any party. This was my intro to Mr.Wyatt and I am not dissapointed. If you like Ben Watts, Arman Van Helden, Blaze, Timmy Regisford, Lazy Dog Vol I, you will love this CD--but only if you like to get down... Missy Gregory for amazon.com [...]

    13. Love Will Find Its Way: The Best of Robert Owens (2002) - Robert Owens [1 CD, Amazon US]
      Disc: 1 1. River 2. Tell Me [Live Mix] 3. Teardrops 4. Tears 5. Changes 6. Visions 7. Love Will Find Its Way 8. Thing Called Love 9. In Love Forever 10. Can You Feel It 11. Bring Down the Walls 12. Never No More Lonely 13. Mine to Give [David Morales Happy Mix] Disc: 2 1. All Over 2. I'm Strong 3. Picking Up the Pieces 4. Darkman 5. You'll Never Know 6. After the Rain 7. All Night Long 8. Ordinary People [Roach in the Bassbin Mix] 9. I'll Be Your Friend [Original Def Mix] 10. Was I Here Before [The Farley Sound Mix] 11. My Heart Is Your Home [Live] 12. Best Friend
      'love Will Find Its Way' is the Essential Collection of Robert Owens. Spanning Two Decades, it Defines the Different Periods and Styles from 86's Seminal 'bring Down the Walls' Right Up to his 2001 Collaboration with Photek on the David Morales Mix of 'mine to Give'. This Album is the Quintessential Robert, Raw and Uncut! [...]

    14. DJ Kicks - Playgroup [1 CD, Amazon US]
      Playgroup producer Trevor Jackson has compiled the latest in the critically acclaimed DJ Kicks series.
      "I never went to the Roxy or Danceteria, but I went to the British equivalent of those clubs," producer Trevor Jackson has said, discussing his Playgroup project. Essentially, it's an English kid's grown-up homage to his teenage fantasy of early-'80s New York dance culture, a vision—filtered entirely through records and the music press, but not inaccurate—of downtown Manhattan as a polyrhythmically perverse utopia of sexual/racial border-crossing, rootless cosmopolitanism, and all-night parties tinged with noir sleaze. -- Simon Reynolds
      The next installment will hit the streets through Studio K7! on July 1, and features tracks from Maurice Fulton, Random Factor, Metro Area and Ralphi Rosario.
      Previous DJ Kicks releases have been compiled by luminaries such as Nightmares On Wax, Truby Trio, Stereo MCs, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Carl Craig and Stacey Pullen.
      Maurice Fulton presents Boof - We Ana Rago - You're God (I:Cube Remix) Material - Ciquri (Discomix) Harlequin Fours - Set It Off Impedance - Tainted Love Random Factor - Broken Mirror Cultural Vibe - Ma Foom Bey (Love Chant Version) Metro Area - Caught Up Tiny Trendies - The Sky Is Not Crying Smith 'N Hack - To Our Disco Friends Zongamin - Tunnel Music Charles Schillings - No Communication, No Love (Salt City Orchestra Mix) Nigo - March Of General (Chicken Lips Conquest Dub) Jay Walk - Buggin' Becky (Fully Bearded Mix) KC Flightt - Let's Get Jazzy (Dopy Dub Mix) Human League - Do Or Die (Dub) Parallax Corporation - Anti Social Tendencies Ralphi Rosario - Get Up Get Out Bobby O - Still Hott 4 U Dexter - I Don't Care Wanda Dee - Gonna Make You Sweat (Acapella) The Rapture - House of Jealous Lovers Flying Lizards - Money B [...]

    15. This Is Tech Pop 21st Century Electro & New Wave [1 CD, Amazon US]
      1. Emerge - Fischerspooner 2. 14 Zero Zero - Console 3. Nobody Knows (Part One) - Zoot Woman 4. Sunglasses At Night - Tiga & Zyntherius 5. Candy Girl - Soviet 6. Destroy She Said - Circ 7. Genedefekt - Green Velvet 8. You're My Disco (New Romantic Mix) - Waldorf 9. Overdose - Tomcraft 10. State Of Grace - Swayzak 11. Naked, Drunk, And Horny - Yellow Note Vs. Pukka 12. Rippin Kittin - Golden Boy with Miss Kittin 13. Happy Hour - Felix Da Housecat 14. Extensive Care - Crossover 15. Machine Says Yes - FC Kahuna 16. Pozition - Selway 17. Playgirl (Zombie Nation Mix) - Ladytron 18. Go! - Toktok Vs. Soffy O 19. Naïve Song (Dave Clarke Remix) - Mirwais 20. Ocean Drive - FPU -- [...]

    16. Dub Come Save Me - Roots Manuva [1 CD, Amazon US]
      From his idiosyncratic delivery and left-field lyrics to his rootsy basslines and thumping studio tinkerings, Mr. Manuva has always fancied himself something of a dubmeister, paying homage to his Jamaican roots. Here, he gets to explore his "mixing-desk-as-instrument" ethos to the max, reworking tracks from his recent Run Come Save Me into spectral shadows of their former selves, as well as presenting a few assorted rarities that didn't make it onto the LP. Cuts like "Highest Grade Dub" and "Brand New Dub" are direct descendants of the King Tubby-Augustus Pablo school of smoke-filled trickery, while "Tears" and "Revolution" are more '80s and hip-hop influenced, respectively, but come with deep and dirty dub signatures. Like everything Mr. Manuva turns his hand to, Dub Come Save Me is weirdly sophisticated and serves as an essential companion to the original long player. --Paul Sullivan [...] [...]

    17. 2 many DJs - Various Artists[1 CD, Amazon US]
      Stephen & David Dewaele from Soulwax have created a new way of old-style DJ-ing, which is definitely influenced by great names like DJ Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel. Their cutting technique just works in a major fashion, just listen to the intro by Emerson, Lake & Palmer Vs. Basement Jaxx. Others thrown into this past & present eclectic mix include Velvet Underground, Salt 'n Pepa, The Stooges, 10cc, Royksopp, The Breeders and... you get the idea. 45 tracks in 60 minutes!
      1. Cant Get You Out Of My Head (Soulwax Elektronic Remix) - Kyl 2. Wheres Your Head At (Head A Pella) - Basement Jaxx 3. Fuck The Pain Away - Peaches 4. Im Waiting For The Man - Velvet Underground 5. J Aime Regarder Les Mecs - Polyester 6. Dance To The Music - Sly And The Family Stone 7. Oh Sheila - Ready For The World 8. I Wanna Be Your Dog - Dakar And Grinser 9. Disko Kings - Ural 13 Diktators 10. The O Medley - Bobby Orlando 11. Silverscreen Shower Scenes - Felix Da Housecat 12. No Fun - The Stooges 13. Push It - Salt N Pepa 14. Joe Le Taxi - Hanayo With Jurgen Paape 15. Crush On You - The Jets 16. Funkacise - Funkacise Gang 17. Motocross Madness - Soul Grabber 18. French Kiss - Lil Louis And The World 19. Serious Trouble - Zongamin 20. Androgyny Thee Glitz Mix By Felix Da Housecat - Garbage 21. Disc Jockeys Delight Vol 2 - Frank Delour 22. Kaw Liga (Prairie Mix) - The Residents 23. Shake Your Body - Carlos Morgan 24. Into The Stars (Firebirds Remix) - Alapawezen 25. Concepts - Interstelllar 26. 99 Luftballoons - Nena 27. Independent Women Part 1 - Destinys Child 28. Dreadlock Holiday - 10cc 29. 9 To 5 - Dolly Parton 30. Eple - Royksopp 31. Death Disco - Arbeid Adelt 32. Keine Melodien Feat MJ Lan - Jeans Team 33. I Wish - Skee Lo 34. My Gigolo - Maurice Fulton Presents Stress 35. Cannonball - The Breeders 36. Human Fly - The Cramps 37. Danger High Voltage - The Wildbunch 38. Dont Bring Me Down - Op 1 Bastards 39. Hand To Phone - Adult 40. La Rock 01 - Vitalic 41. I Was Made For Loving You - Queen Of Japan 42. The Beach - New Order 43. Sandwiches - Detroit Grand Pubahs 44. I Sit On Acid - Lords Of Acid 45. Start Button - Streamer Feat Private Thoughts In Public Places

    18. In the Beginning there Was Rythm - Various Arists [1CD, Amazon US]
      1. Shack up - Certain Ratio 2. Coup - 23 Skidoo 3. To Hell with poverty - Gang Of Four 4. Being boiled - Human League 5. She is beyond good and evil - Pop Group 6. In the beginning there was rhythm - Slits 7. 20 jazz funk greats - Throbbing Gristle 8. Knife slits water - Certain Ratio 9. 24 track loop - This Heat 10. Sluggin' for Jesus - Cabaret Voltaire 11. Vegas el bandito - 23 Skidoo [...]

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