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Timmy and Boyd

Timmy Regisford and Boyd Jarvis were really an exceptional influence because Kevin wanted us to be like them. He really admired their work.Timmy is a D.J. and Boyd is a musician. Thats how me and Kevin got started..

25 Years Later

To me, the best work of Blaze is their 1990 album on Motown: “25 Years Later”.


Diana Ross, Boyz II Men, De' Lacy, Babyface, Gerald Levert, Kool & the Gang & Adeva, are just a few of the stars who have been touched by the magical production & mixing talents of Blaze. The Blaze team of Kevin Hedge & Josh Milan have been turning out House/R&B/garage hits since 1987, when they first came to the attention of Easy Street via In Sync's classic, "Sometimes Love". A young DJ by the name of David Morales happened to be in the studio during the session & contributed his 1st ever remix to the 12". For more than 10 years, Blaze & Easy Street have maintained one of the industry's most enduring and productive "partnerships" which culminated with De' Lacy's worldwide smash - "Hideaway" & the follow-up "That Look", both of which were top 20 pop hits in the UK. Recently, the collaboration resulted in another chart hit, "Movin' On" by Debbie Pender AM:PM/Tommy Boy) & a scorching performance by Kathy Brown of "Happy People". In 1999, Easy Street released the album "Pure Blaze" which presents a collection of timeless songs & killer grooves produced by this talented duo for Easy Street during the past decade.

Quark Records

  • Quark records
  • Blaze - If You Should Need A Friend (12")
  • Blaze - "Can't Win For Losin'"
  • Phase II - Reachin' Movin Records


  • http://www.garage-music.com/~carl/blaze1.htm


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      They've been around for some years and that experience is their rock. Blaze's know how of infusing soul, jazz, African, and Afro-Latin sounds into house has them ahead in terms of innovation on the house music scene. Blair Williams for amazon.com

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