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Christina Lindberg

Christina Lindberg
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Christina Lindberg (6 December 1950, Gothenburg, Sweden is a Swedish actress who starred in the controversial film Thriller - en grym film. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christina_Lindberg [Aug 2005]

Christina Lindberg

Lindberg is another sweet-faced sexpot that started her career in nudies early on. The Swedish starlet's first film on record is Maid in Sweden (1969), and was soon followed by What Are You Doing After The Orgy? (1970), The Swinging Co-eds (1972), and a few of the infamous German Schoolgirl Report films, among them Campus Swingers (1972) and What Schoolgirls Don't Tell (1973). She ventured into hardcore with Anita, The Swedish Nymphette (1973) and the film most eurotrash fans know and lover her for, Thriller...A Cruel Picture (released stateside as They Call Her One Eye). The latter is revered as a predecessor to nihilistic rape-revenge films such as Baise-Moi for its use of hardcore during the rape sequences. Lindberg retired from acting in 1980, but resurfaced in 1993 as the writer, producer and director of Christinas svampskola, a documentary about edible Swedish mushrooms (which has since become a much sought-after collectors' item). --Kier-La's Top 10 Sexadelic 70's Euro-Starlets (originally written for Celebrity Skin Magazine) via http://www.criminalcinema.com/films/EuroTrashStarlets.htm [Apr 2005]

Christina Lindberg in Thriller

American poster for Thriller - A Cruel Picture (1974)

Thriller - A Cruel Picture (1974) - Bo Arne Vibenius [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Thriller - en grym film (Thriller - A Cruel Picture), aka "They Call Her One Eye", "Hooker's Revenge" etc., is a Swedish movie from 1974 written and directed by Bo Arne Vibenius. The original length was 104 minutes, but in the USA it had been cut to 82 minutes. The movie is in the "rape and revenge" genre. It has received a cult following and was also one of the inspirations behind Kill Bill. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thriller_-_en_grym_film [Aug 2005]

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