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Fernand Khnopff (1858 - 1921)

Lifespan: 1858 - 1921

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Abandoned City (1908) - Fernand Khnopff


Fernand Edmond Jean Marie Khnopff (September 12, 1858 - November 12, 1921) was a Belgian symbolist painter.

He was raised in Bruges and went to law school in Brussels. He quickly dropped out and enrolled in l'academie des beaux art; Xavier Mellery was his main tutor. During a trip to Paris in 1877 he was greatly influenced by Delacroix and the Pre-Raphaelites. In 1883 he was one of the founders of the "Groupe des XX". Although not a very open man and a rather secluded personality, he already achieved cult status during his life. Acknowledged and accepted, he received the Order of Leopold. His sister was one of his favorite subjects. His most famous painting is probably The Caress. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fernand Khnopff [Jan 2006]

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