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The DJ as a filter

DJ Academics are intrigued by the fact that the DJ makes a living by filtering information; he makes sense of the confusing mass of musical information that bombards us (there are well over 200 dance singles released each week). There's no way that we could find all the great music within our favorite genre, so we rely on DJs to do it for us. They are like personal shoppers who sift through the hundreds of crap records and find the ones we like. These days, fewer and fewer people buy singles; instead, we decide on our favorite DJs and let them buy them for us. Why spend your life obsessively searching for obscure records (in which case you're probably a DJ anyway) when you can buy a DJ-mixed compilation CD made by someone who does that for a living? You could say that these days we don't buy particular records, we buy particular DJs. --from Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

Blogs, Blogging [...]

Whatever their principal purpose, all blogs filter information and archive it in an enduring chronological manner. Because updating is immediate and seamless, the information can be extremely timely. The format also encourages conversation and exchange in ways a static Web site cannot. A blog can have multiple authors, and readers can comment on the posts, ask questions and receive prompt and specific responses.

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