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One Way records

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Daniel Wang: "Who was Began Cekic? And what was the deal with those grungy little One Way Records that you mixed? He made that version of Love Is the Message where he seems to be playing the keyboards himself...."

Tee Scott:" Began Cekic was a real case. He was a Yugoslavian guy with this little record company - One Way was a subsidiary of his main label, B.C. Records, which he eventually changed to One Way. He was the king of the copiers. He got a hold of me, and he treated me to all kinds of baubles (laughter); he bought me two huge 1500's, or 1520 tapedecks, the model they used in the studio with a "Store" feature and the extra sections for your tone generators, which were built-in; it cost about $4000. And then he bought me the 1506, which was a 4-track recorder. These were all gifts for doing those records for him."

Daniel Wang:So he was the original bootlegger, so to say? Did he make money?

Tee Scott:"He made a lot of money on those! He did Love Is the Message, Sixty-Nine (Spank), Eighty-Eight, Beyond the Clouds, Relight My Fire (Let's Get Horny), Computer Games, all of those... He took me to Florida, too. Of course he did cover records, really because he didn't sample anybody else's records - it wasn`t possible then,-- he just did things that sounded close to them. And after a while, he started getting involved in stuff that I felt I should back out of. He started getting really ridiculaus and stepping over the line with a lot of stuff. I lost touch with him after a while."

One Way records hosts people like Tee Scott, Fred Zarr, John Morales ..., check back for discography.

  • One Way rds mixed by Tee
    • One Way 002 Brooklyn Express 'Love Is The Message'
    • One Way 003 Brooklyn Express 'Sixty Nine'/'Change Position(88)'
        which is essentially J.B. Horne's 'Spank' with sirens, wild! This track has also been sampled on 'Just As Long As I Got You ..' by Tommy Musto, Frankie Bones and ... for their Looney Tunes project of the late eighties.
    • One Way 004 Hi Voltage 'Somewhere Beyond'/'Let's Get Horny'
      • remake of 'Relight My Fire'

    BC Records

    BC 4001		Francie Simone			Let Your Body Run
    		(R.Huertas , F.Simone , B.Cekic)
    		Produced by Ben Cekic and Ben Patti
    		Music By Sweet Touch
    		Recorded at Blank Tapes Studios
    		Published by Dahill Music BMI
    		Matrix #: B&C 4001-A  - B&C 4001-B
    		Released in: 1979
    		A1. Vocal (6:30)
    		B1. Instrumental (7:20)
    BC 4002		Brooklyn Express		Hollywood Party
    						(Gettig High)
    		(Began Cekic)
    		Produced and Arranged by Ben Cekic
    		Mixed by Began Cekic and Ben Patti
    		Recorded at Blank Tapes Studios
    		Mixing Engineer: Butch Jones
    		Published by Dahill Music BMI
    		Matrix #: B&C 4002
    		Released in: 1979
    		A1. & B1. Hollywood Party (Getting High) (6:20)
    BC 4003		Sweet Touch			Live It Up
    BC 4004		Neil B.				Body Rock
    BC 4005		Common Sense			Just Can't 
    						Help Myself
    BC 4006		Brooklyn Express		Are You Ready
    		(B.Ocean, K.Gold)
    		Produced By Began Cekic
    		Published By Screen-Gems-EMI Music Inc./
    		April Music Inc ASCAP
    		Mixed By Tee Scott
    		Mastered At FrankFord Wayne
    		Released in: 1980
    		A1. Are You Ready (7:55)
    		B1. Instrumental (6:38)
    BC 4007		Sugar Daddy			Another One Bites 
    						The Dust (rap)
    		(Deacon Kevin , D.Wooley)
    		Produced by Began Cekic for One-Way Productions
    		Published by Queen Music, Ltd/
    		Beechwood Music Corp. BMI
    		Matrix #: BC 4007-A - BC 4007-B
    		Released in: 1980
    		A1. Another One Bites The Dust (rap) (7:25)
    	a	B1. Instrumrental (7:25)
    		a. Instr. by Common Sense
    		infowht.gif (887 octets) Inscriptions on vinyl: a-side "smile Herb & Kim & Charlene
    		& bruce Said Hi on2nd time".
    		on b-side "Herbie Smile" & "Hey kevin where is "Milton" and
    		"Eddie O".
    BC 4008		Common Sense			Voices In My Head
    BC 4009		The Graingers			Shine Your Light
    		(Glenn Grainger)
    		Produced by The Graingers 
    		Co-Produced by Began Cekic
    		Published by Dahill Music BMI
    		Matrix # : BC 4010-A & BC 4010-B
    		Released in: 1980
    		A1. Shine Your Light (5:31)
    		B1. Short Version (4:19)
    		B2. Instrumental (4:17)
    		infowht.gif (887 octets) Inscriptions on vinyl: a-side "Fw Herbie Smile".
    BC 4010		Johnnie & Michael Hill		Party Night
    						(Rap It Up)
    		(Dodie Petit)
    		Produced by Richie Vetter for East Coast Productions
    		Published by Rich Pet Music, Inc BMI
    		Matrix # : BC 4010-A & BC 4010-B
    		Released in: 1980	
    		A1. Party Night (Rap It Up) (6:44)
    		B1. Instrumental (5:58)
    BC 4011		Bad Girls			Too Through
    		(Keith Barrow)
    		Produced by Began Cekic For One-Way Productions
    		Published by Miss Thang Music BMI
    		Matrix #: BC 4011-A &BC 4011-B
    		Mix By Tee Scott
    		Released in: 1981
    		A1. Too Through (7:30)
    		B1. Instrumental (3:40)
    		B2. Short Version-Vocal (3:40)	
    		infowht.gif (887 octets) Inscriptions on vinyl: a-side "Fw Herbie Smile.
    		I Say Hey".
    BC 4012		Sugar Daddy			One More Time
    BC 4013		Brooklyn Express		Back In Time
    BC 4014		Brooklyn Express		Burning Hot
    		(Began Cekic)
    		Produced by Began Cekic and Fred Zarr For One Way
    		Mix By Tee Scott
    		Mastered By Herb Powers At Frakford Wayne
    		Recording and Mix Engineer: Butch Jones
    		Published by Dahill Music BMI
    		Matrix #: BC 4014-A & BC 4014-B
    		Released in: 1982
    		A1. Burning Hot (15:15)
    		B1. Short Version (7:30)
    BC 4015		Dolette				Special
    BC 4017		Brooklyn Express		Kinky Girls
    BC 4018		Began Began			Stay In Touch
    BC 4020		Brooklyn Express		Do It Again
    BC 3002		Now And Then			Special Medley Mix
    						Introducing The Leeves
    		Produced by Began Cekic For One-Way Productions
    		Published by BMI & ASCAP
    		Released in: 1981
    		A1. Let's Do It (13:00)
    			(Inspired by Bits & Pieces !!!)
    			1.Stars On 45: Boogie Nights-2.Video Killed The
    			Radio Star-3.Intro "Venus"-4.Sugar Sugar-5.No Reply
    			6.I'll Be Back-7.Drive My Car-8.A Hard Day's Night-
    			9.Do You Want To Know A Secret-10.We Can Work It
    			Out-11.I Should Have Know Better-12.Nowhere Man-
    			13.You're Going To Loose That Girl-14.Sherry
    			15.Cathy's Clow-16.Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
    			17.Only The Lonely-18.L	ady Bump-19.Jimmy Mack
    			20.Rainy Day-21.Itsibitsie Teenie Winnie-22.Let's
    			Do It
    		B1. Dance Fantasy (8:45)
    			(Inspired by Bits & Pieces !!!)
    			1.I Dig You-2.My Mistake-3. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
    			4.Taxman-5.Anytime At All-6.Bitch-7.Living Loving
    			Made-8.Mississipi Queen-9.Nobody But Me-10.Funeral
    			For A Friend-11.Hard Day's Night-12.Dreamer-13.Diamond
    			Girl-14.Jumping Jack Flash-15.Let's Spend The Night 
    			Together-16.Long Cold Woman-17.Happy Birthday-
    			18.Satisfaction-19.Sultan Of Swing-20.25 Or 6 To 4
    			21.Born To Be Wild-22.Dance Fantasy


  • Disco not Disco - Various Artists[Amazon US] 1. Walking On Thin Ice - Yoko Ono 2. Cavern - Liquid Liquid 3. Tell You Today - Loose Joints 4. Spatisticus Autisticus - Ian Dury 5. Over And Over - Material 6. Wheel Me Out - Was (Not Was) 7. Kiss Me Again - Dinosaur 8. I Walk - Don Cherry 9. Voices Inside My Head - Common Sense 10. School Bell/Tree House - Indian Ocean 11. Macho City - Steve Miller Band
    Three great Arthur Russell tracks, 'Tell You Today' and 'School Bell/Tree House', 'Kiss Me Again'. Ian Dury is a Sly & Robbie production.

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