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NiteGrooves records

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"sub label of King Street records" xxx

[...] Not the case with Nite Grooves' recent compilation, Abstract Afro Lounge, which presents two incredible discs graced with extensive, impeccably-produced tracks by Blaze, Chris Brann of Wamdue popularity, and the Idjut Boys, to name a few. The standout track belongs to Japan's DJ Hiro and Masabumi Kikuchi, whose "Kote Moun Yo" is a tour-de-force of Afro-Caribbean rhythms and harmonies that single-handedly redefine the "tribal house" concept; a refreshing journey to a source of dance music as we know it.
M. Eugene Lemcio for

When asked about his [Kerri Chandler] relationship with King Street Records in which he has done so much work within the late 5 years, he replies, "King Street is like my family. Hisa Ishioka (label owner) has allowed me to take my craft in the direction I felt like taking it. As opposed to most labels which are mainly interested in me recreating something I've done in the past".
http://www.garage-music.com/~carl/Kerri97.htm interview with Kerri Chandler http://www.keme.net/~carl/soul.htm

Well, one of the records that caught our attention back in early 1995, was Brooklyn Friends and "Philadelphia" [which is a remake of Salsoul's Heavy Vibes] on NiteGrooves. Not only was the inside label logo very classy, it actually represented in not to misunderstand words what it was all about : night grooves, the thing we were looking for and maybe will be always looking for. What was more, one of the versions featured on this 12" was : D.M. Experience ! A very long (13:21 mins) track full of acoustic african drums and dreamy loungy rythms and super slowly building up towards a climax after about 9 minutes, where a pan flute solo takes over...V.A. Abstract Jazz Lounge II, text by EZ/98 NiteGrooves, 2xLP

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