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A is for art

Outsider art, museum art, art for the ear, the eye and the mind.

Upon reading about Venus in Exile (2001) and The Mechanical Bride (1951), it occured to me that beauty (simple beauty, as in a beautiful woman or man, or a beautiful landscape) had to go somewhere when, during the 1900s, it was banned from the visual arts. The human need for beauty wants to be satisfied and beauty needed a new place to reside. It also needed new patrons, or sponsors as they are called today. Beauty found its new home in consumer culture and cinema, and its new sponsors in Hollywood and the marketing and advertising divisions of consumer good manufacturers.

To summarize:

If - in the 20th century - beauty was exiled from the arts, it found refuge in advertising, fashion, cinema, product design and consumer culture.

see also: Venus - beauty - banned - 1900s

Themes and sensibilities

aesthetics - art - African American - architecture - auteur - avant-gardism


acid Jazz | afrobeat | ambient

Patrick Adams - Masami Akita - Steve Albini - Tony Allen - George Antheil - Juan Atkins - Roy Ayers


Art films | Avant-garde films

A - Akira (1988) - Audition (1999) - ...And God Created Woman - (1956)




Kathy Acker - Guillaume Apollinaire - Theodor Adorno - Louis Althusser - Aristotle - Rudolf Arnheim

Film directors

A - Woody Allen - Pedro Almodˇvar - P.T. Anderson - Kenneth Anger - Fernando Arrabal

Visual artists

Marina AbramoviŠ - Vito Acconci - Jacques Fabian Gautier d'Agoty - Laurie Anderson - Nobuyoshi Araki - Arcimboldo

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