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Corporal punishment

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Petticoat Punishment in Erotic Literature

The flagellation of a youth by a woman is, of course, a familiar theme in erotic literature. What is entirely new is that the youth wears girls’ clothes. There is no trace of this reversal of costume in any of the classic writers of erotica: John Cleland, the Marquis de Sade, or Leopold  Sacher-Masoch.  In  de Sade’s  The 120 Days of Sodom there is much chastisement of men by both sexes, but none of the male victims is dressed  in female attire. --http://www.petticoated.com/petpunessay.htm [Sept 2004]

Corporal Punishment

"In many cases, the avowed disciplinary value of flagellation in schools and colleges was a mere pretense to enable sadists to secure sexual titillation." (1886) George Ryley Scott, historian, sociologist, anthropologist. The History of Corporal Punishment.

"When a child is hit on the buttocks...this kind of violent touch can be sexualized in the child's mind not only because of a real flow of blood into the genitalia, but also because of a longing for intimacy with the parent: if painful physical touch is the only fulfillment of that longing, then this can `feel good'." (1995) Shere Hite, sex researcher, sociopsychologist. The Hite Report on the Family.

"These are the realities that most of us remain eager to deny... So long as children are beaten by adults, the obsessions with domination and submission, with power and authority, with shame and humiliation, with painful pleasure -- all hallmarks of sadomasochism - will remain an enduring consequence of the ordinary violence and coercion done in the name of discipline... Sadomasochism is not an aberration; it is inherent in corporal punishment..." (1990) Philip Greven, professor of history. Spare the Child
-- via http://www.redrat.net/indx/punishment.html [Jun 2004]


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