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Euro girls

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Actresses: Ewa Aulin - Florinda Bolkan - Edwige Fenech - Christina Lindberg - Soledad Miranda - Rosalba Neri - Lina Romay - Barbara Steele

Directors: Jess Franco

Euro Girls Illustrated () - Lucas Balbo
Profiles of Marissa Mell, Rosalba Neri, Erikca Blanc & Helga Liné
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Euro Girls Illustrated contains everything you need to know about the films of the captivating Marisa Mell, the dark Rosalba Neri, the terrifying Erika Blanc and the aristocratic Helga Linè. These choices were dictated by the previous lack of serious research on these actresses who have each appeared in at least 50 films!

Each filmography lists most of the alternative film titles and video titles, but this is entitled Euro Girls illustrated, so what you really need to know is that this publication also presents an outstanding selection of stunning photographs of each actress!

The Editor
Lucas Balbo runs the Artschiv picture library in Paris, and has written for numerous genre publications over the years, including Obsession: The Films of Jess Franco


This gallery is dedicated to European actresses who are all but forgotten. Some are dead, others live on in wealth.

They were born beautiful. Their ambitions were not clear-cut. They earned a living making B-movies.

They had a pretty good time. A Spanish comedy here, an Italian horror film there. It lasted until the mid 1980s, when even the middle classes thought considered themselves too intelligent for their films, and started to revile them.

Internet and DVDs may signal the end of underestimation of the Eurogirls. Feminism too, has embraced humour. "Oh darling, care to watch the latest Dogmafilm?" "No, I think I'll finally catch up with the DVD of The Devil's Nightmare!" --http://www.submagazine.nl/sub8/eurogirls/eurogirls.htm [Apr 2005]


For most eurotrash fans, the DVD explosion has been a long time coming. Relegated to underground trading and collectors' circles, the pleasures of euro-thrillers, crime, westerns, and erotica suffered from poor picture quality that often obscured what attracted many viewers to these films in the first place: namely, the women. Because most of these actresses would be dubbed with voices other than their own for the export market, judging their acting became secondary to assessing their other, more physical talents. As the artistic center of many eurotrash efforts, their presence is largely what made the films work, crossing borders and generations with awe-inspiring agility. Now, with companies like Blue Underground, Synapse, Anchor Bay, Shriekshow (and more!) determined to give eurobabes their due, fans finally have cause to rejoice. While every eurotrash aficionado has their favorites, the following are my nominations for the top ten sexadelic 70s euro-starlets - some of whom can be fully experienced courtesy of recent DVD releases, and a few others who've missed the radar of the acquisition department and languish in relative obscurity on these shores. --Kier-La Janisse's Top 10 Sexadelic 70's Euro-Starlets (originally written for Celebrity Skin Magazine) via http://www.criminalcinema.com/films/EuroTrashStarlets.htm [Apr 2005]

Italian movie goddesses

Sylva Koscina & Co-stars

Ewa Aulin '74 My pleasure is your pleasure

Femi Benussi '71 Homo Eroticus '72 La Mala ordina '72 So Sweet, So Dead

Marisa Berenson '76 Some Like It Cool

Barbara Bouchet '74 My pleasure is your pleasure

Mylene Demongeot '62 THE GIRL GAME

Angie Dickinson '62 Jessica

Eleonora Rossi Drago '62 IL GIORNO PIU CORTO '64 Se permettete

Britt Ekland '76 Some Like It Cool

Edwige Fenech '81 ASSO

Pia Giancaro '71 Homo Eroticus '72 Boccaccio

Eleonora Giorgi '83 Mani di fata

Carla Gravina '57 GUENDALINA

Christine Kaufman '62 Swordsman of Siena

Margaret Lee '64 Se permettete


Tina Louise '62 Siege of Syracuse

Antonella Luardi '62 IL GIORNO PIU CORTO '64 Se permettete

Elsa Martinelli '64 Love in Four Dimension

Giulietta Masina '65 Giulietta degli spiriti

Marisa Mell '72 Terror in the dark '76 Some Like It Cool

Sandra Milo '62 IL GIORNO PIU CORTO '65 Giulietta degli spiriti


Luciana Paluzzi '57 Hercules '72 La Mala ordina

Pascale Petit '72 Boccaccio

Otavia Piccolo '72 The silent killer

Rossana Podesta ... UPDATE '71 Homo Eroticus '80 Sunday Lovers

Romina Power '68 Deadly Sanctuary

Maria Rohm '68 Deadly Sanctuary

Stefania Sandrelli '63 IN KETTEN ZUM SCHAFOTT

Jacqueline Sassard '57 GUENDALINA

Elke Sommer '66 Deadlier Than the Male '72 Lisa and the Devil

Catherine Spaak '63 THE LITTLE NUNS '80 Sunday Lovers

Susan Strasberg '62 IL GIORNO PIU CORTO

Alida Valli '72 Lisa and the Devil

Monica Vitti '62 IL GIORNO PIU CORTO '70 Nini Tirabuscio
--via http://page.freett.com/koscina/ [Nov 2005]

Anicée Alvina

The doe-eyed Anicee Alvina established a penchant for nudity early in her career with the lesbian psycho-drama Le Rempart des Beguines (1972), Friends (1972), and the latter's follow-up Paul and Michelle (1974), in which she plays a 14-year-old runaway (she was 18 in actuality) who shacks up with a precocious teenage rich boy. The simulated underage nudity was quite shocking at the time, and is the only thing of note (other than the Elton John score) in this otherwise tedious film. From there, she caught the attention of noted French surrealist Alain Robbe-Grillet, who cast her in his Playing With Fire (1975) and Slow Slidings of Pleasure , which was rigorously denounced by the Vatican upon its 1973 release. Firmly established as an erotic starlet, her career thenceforth maintained that debauched direction, with a 1975 Playboy spread and appearances in Jean-Pierre Berckman's Isabelle and Lust (1975) and Dino Risi's The Forbidden Room (1977) alongside veteran actors Vittorio Gassman and Catherine Deneuve. Sadly, the only Alvina films readily available in the US are Friends and its dull sequel.--Kier-La's Top 10 Sexadelic 70's Euro-Starlets (originally written for Celebrity Skin Magazine) via http://www.criminalcinema.com/films/EuroTrashStarlets.htm [Apr 2005]

Marisa Mell

Marisa Mell (born Marlise Moitzi in Graz, Austria on 24 February 1939, died in Vienna on 16 May 1992) was an actress who became a cult figure of 1960s Italian B-movies.

In 1963, she was involved in a violent automobile accident in France. For six hours, she lay unconscious, unaware that she nearly lost her right eye. The disfigurement extended to her lip as well. She spent the next two years undergoing plastic surgery, and no damage remained in her face, except for a distinctive curl of her upper lip.

She turned down a seven year Hollywood contract, saying that while the payment would have been great, "the contract was a whole book. I think that even to go to the toilet I would have needed a permission."

She is most well-known for the role of Eva Kant in Danger: Diabolik (1968). In the late 1990s, the television show MST3K brought the actress to a new generation of B-movie viewers when the film was featured on an episode. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marisa_Mell [Nov 2005]


Femi Benussi, photo credit unidentified
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Overdrive (1970) de David Mc Neil
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Midnight Party (1975) - Jess Franco
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Maria Rohm in Eugenie... The Story of Her Journey into Perversion / Die Jungfrau und die Peitsche - Jess Franco
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Venus in Furs / Paroxismus / Venus im Pelz (1969) - Jess Franco
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Sylva Koscina in L'Assoluto naturale (1969) - Mauro Bolognini
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Pia Giancaro in Boccaccio (1972) - Bruno Corbucci
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