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Factor 44

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Factor 44
Bleekhofstraat 44
2140 Antwerpen


Factor 44 is an amalgamation of two exhibition spaces, 'Inexistent' (1987-92) and 'Quarantine' (1992-95) operating in Antwerp. In 1995 two derelict buildings situated in Borgerhout were bought and (partially)renovated until 1996,- when the first exhibition opened that year,


The name 'Factor 44' was given during the foundation-meeting in 1996 of a loose grouping of artists: Carlos Montalvo, Emilio lopez-Menchero, Jirina Nebesarova, Anne-Mie Van Kerkhoven, Fréderic Tolmatcheff, Danny De Vos, Jef Lambrecht, Laetitia Yalon, Guy Rombouts, Guche Vercammen, Monica Droste, Jörgen Voordeckers, Madelon & Charlotte , Lieve Lambrecht, Corine Bertrand, Harry Heirmans, Herman Delahaye, Chris Straetling, Wout Vercammen...

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