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Mythological hybrids: chimera - mermaid - satyr - centaur - minotaur

"Feejee Mermaid" from the New York Sunday Herald

contrast: pure

Hybridity in the visual arts: Collective Invention (1934) - René Magritte

Pan is half man, half horse, Pan is a typical example of a hybrid as depicted here by Edward Burne-Jones in Pan and Psyche (1872/74)

Mythological and legendary hybrids

In ancient and modern local folktales, there exist hybrids resulting from the union between a human parent and an animal or a non-human sentient being. Some of these hybrids are crosses with humans and: brownies, nymphs, gods, Moo-Moo (Solomon Island Giant), chimpanzees (Humanzee), aliens, bats (Batboy), snakes/lizards (Naga, Syrictae), dropa, giants, cat people, mermaids, fairies, watchers, demons, dryads, spirits, incubus, succubus, pech, triton, larvae, martes, and others. One example is the Minotaur. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hybrid [Apr 2005]


'A hybrid monster, usually described as having the head of a woman and the (winged) body of a lion, which infested Thebes until the riddle it propounded was solved by Oedipus' (OED). See noble grotesque.

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