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Stefan Beyst

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Born in 1945, Stefan Beyst is a Belgian art historian and author of The Erotic Eye and its nude. Link http://d-sites.net/english/eroteye.htm [Aug 2004]

The Erotic Eye and its nude

An inquiry into the vicissitudes of the scopic and the phanic drive by Stefan Beyst and more than hundred photographers from all over the world the most comprehensive study on the subject ever illustrated with hundreds of exquisite photos. --Stefan Beyst, http://d-sites.net/english/eroteye.htm [Aug 2004]

The Erotic Eye [text only] [...]

Nude [...]

Erotic Photography [...]


In 1970 Otto Mühl founded a commune in Vienna. The experiment was an offshoot of the ‘Aktionismus’, a Viennese version of the happenings in New York, lead by meanwhile legendary artists such as Nitsch, Schwarzkogler, and Brus. The happenings – in German ‘Aktionen’ – were an effort to lift all kinds of taboo in art. Many an artist proceeded to complement the revolution in art with a revolution in life itself. Life as the ultimate work of art, so to speak. -- Stefan Beyst, http://d-sites.net/english/m%C3%BChl.htm [Aug 2004]

Donald Judd [...]

From 1947 to 1953 - in the heydays of the very 'abstract expressionism' that soon will be promoted as the panacea of the Free World with a little help from the CIA* - Donald Judd studied at Art Students League in New York, the College of William and Mary and the Columbia University. Meanwhile, he is already fully active as an art critic and a painter. Already in 1957, he has his first show in the Panoramas Gallery - although from the paintings exhibited there no trace is to be found in what is announced as the 'first full retrospective'. But things are not going well with the Action Painting in New York. Andy Warhol comes to replace Jackson Pollock. Accordingly, the expressionistic gestures on Judd's canvases are replaced with a baking tin (1961). 'Illusionism' is said to be banned in favour of the real two-dimensional surface or the equally real three-dimensional space. --Stefan Beyst, http://d-sites.net/english/judd.htm [Aug 2004]

Voyeurism/Exhibitionism [...]

It begins to dawn on us that there might be a near relationship between sadomasochism and voyeurism/exhibitionism. The crux of the sadistic pleasure is the voyeuristic enjoyment of the exhibitionistic performance of the masochist. The visual aspect is fundamental. Sexual interaction can with no great harm be performed in the dark. But a sadomasochistic relation is unthinkable without the visual aspect – or, what amounts to the same, the audible aspect. What is more: sadism can only come to its apogee when the contemplation of the suffering of the masochist becomes really sovereign. The elusive sadist already transferred the infliction of pain, first to instruments, and then to the manipulator of the instruments. That is not only a mechanism to have clean hands, but foremost to free the hands of any activity that might disturb the contemplation of suffering. Only as a pure voyeur can the sadist contemplate in all sovereignty the proceedings of the instrumental sadist. That leads to the sadomasochistic triangle: the master commanding the executioner or the dominatrix having the castration of her lover executed through a third admirer. That reminds us of the lover that had his beloved have intercourse with her lover, to be able to contemplate undisturbed. In both cases, the greedy eye provokes the transformation of a dual relation in a triangle: the animal with the two backs or the sacrifice of beauty. Thus, sadism is unfolding to a variant of voyeurism. To give account of this profound affinity between these two perversions, it would be a good idea to coin the term ‘sadovyeurism’ and ‘maso-exhibitionism’.--Stefan Beyst, http://d-sites.net/english/eroteye11.htm [Aug 2004]

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