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Erotic music

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Soundtrack LP cover of Nerosubianco (1969) - Tinto Brass
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Shake Sauvage: French Soundtracks, 1968-1973 (2000) - Various Artists

Shake Sauvage: French Soundtracks, 1968-1973 (2000) - Various Artists [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Take for example the Deep Note series, audio CDs that compile cuts from classic 1970s porn films. They do their best to ensure plenty of wa-wa guitars, analog synthesizer music, random bits of dialogue and yes -- the sexy saxophones. Inside Deep Note: Music of 1970s Adult Cinema is the newest in the series, further fetishizing the genre with more cheeseball grooviness and includes a 16-page booklet and an eight-page full color digipack. People who love this music might also enjoy 1970s softcore/horror Spanish director Jess Franco's soundtracks, such as the music to his cult lesbian vampire film Vampyros Lesbos. In fact, there were oodles of softcore and erotic horror films made in Spain, France and Italy in the 1960s and '70s that were tracked with a lot of very cool music -- Chet Baker worked with Jess Franco on a few films -- and music collections from these classics are usually hidden gems that suggest influences such as Bossa Nova, nouveau lounge and campy funk. Some favorites from my collection include the Beat al Cinecitta series, the Easy Tempo series (through #6) and Shake Sauvage. --http://www.tinynibbles.com/pornmusic1.html [Aug 2005]

Erotic movie grooves

http://www.moviegrooves.com/shop/by_genre/sexy.htm, Nov 2003. Check Beat at Cinecittà Vol 1 and 2 A sensual homage to the most raunchy, erotic filmmusic from the vaults of italian 60s & 70s cinema

Inside Deep Note: Music of 1970's Adult Cinema (2002) - Various Artists [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Inside Deep Note: Music of 1970's Adult Cinema (2003) - Various Artists [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Album Description Subtitled - Music of 1970s Adult Cinema. Containing over one hour of sweaty grooves, wah-wah guitars, analog synths, funky horns, and deeply satisfying instrumental delights nicely spiced with entertaining dialogue, Inside Deep Note is beautifully packaged in a deluxe digipak with 16-page full-color booklet containing detailed liner notes and tons of classic (nude) photos. Grammofon. 2003. via Amazon.com

Vampyros Lesbos (1971) - Hubler, Schwab [Amazon US] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Gert Wilden: Schoolgirl Report and Other Music From Sexy German Films (1968 - 1972)

Soundtrack to
The Schulmadchen Report/Schoolgirl Report (1970) - Gert Wilden & Orchestra
[Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Sax Rohmer's super-villian Fu Manchu, German pulp novel hero Rolf Torring, James Feninmore Cooper's Leatherstocking and Gunther Hunold's schoolgirls: when their German movie incarnations premiered on the big screen, they were all accompanied by the music of one man: Gert Wilden. --via http://www.chaoskitty.com/t_chaos/shul.html [Dec 2004]


  1. Beat At Cinecitta (Italian Film Score Anthology) - Various Artists - Soundtracks - Anthologies [Amazon US] [FR] [DE] [UK]
    A Sensual Homage to the Most Raunchy, Erotic Film from the Vaults of Italian 60's and 70's Cinema. Composers Featured Are Bruno Nicolai, Riz Ortolani, Roberto Pregadio, and More. A Must for Any Lounge/Cinema Music Fan.

    I just wanted to point out that Honda is using songs from this CD for their latest Civic ads in America. "Lena Sequence" by Roberto Pregadio is the music behind the "Joey, cut it out" aka "legroom" ad where the teenage boy in a car full of girls is trying to brush his legs up against his older sisters friends. "Cheops and Nefertiti" is in another Honda ad. Reviewer: A music fan from San Francisco, CA USA, amazon.com

  2. Vampyros Lesbos Sexadelic Dance Party [SOUNDTRACK] [Amazon US] [FR] [DE] [UK]

    1. Droge CX 9 2. The Lions And The Cucumber 3. There's No Satisfaction 4. Dedicated To Love 5. People's Playground Version A 6. We Don't Care 7. People's Playground Version B 8. The Ballad Of A Fair Singer 9. Necronomania 10. Kamasutra 11. The Message 12. Shindai Lovers 13. The Six Wisdoms Of Aspasia 14. Countdown To Nowhere

    For diehard fans of low-budget cult cinema, Jess Franco is among the great directors--his style somewhere between European versions of Roger Corman's Mondo sexploitation and Andy Warhol's hardcore improv. His films Vampyros Lesbos, The Devil Came from Akasava, and Mrs. Hyde, She Kills in Ecstasy--all made in 1970 and starring Franco's doomed Spanish seductress Soledad Miranda--perfected "horrotica," Franco's melange of B-grade horror and twisted erotica. Collecting original music from the films' soundtracks, Vampyros Lesbos: Sexadelic Dance Party pays tribute to Franco, Miranda (who died in a 1971 car crash), and the films they made together.

    German composers Manfred Hubler and Siegfried Schwab (recording as Vampires' Sound Incorporation) created music sufficiently groovy and go-go to accompany Franco's freaked-out vision. Their crazy sounds are a speed-hopped swinger's bash of blaring trumpet, booming trombone, slinky organ, and spacy sitar, with a beefy foundation of mod guitar, bass, and drums. Eccentrically titled instrumentals like "The Lions and the Cucumber," "Droge CX 9," and "The Six Wisdoms of Aspasia" manage to be psychedelic in the way of both the Doors' haunting rock and the Fifth Dimension's up-up-and-away pop. Music ripe for revival, Sexadelic Dance Party falls somewhere between the glorious lounge orchestrations of Esquivel and the cheap Casio-funk porn music championed by bands like the Beastie Boys. It's just one more nugget mined from the overflowing heaps of past decades' trash culture. --Roni Sarig for Amazon.com

Disco Rotic I, II and III (2004, 2004, 2005) - Various

Disco Rotic I, II and III are a bootleg vinyl compilation series on unknown German label, click the image source to listen to excerpts of the tracks, all cover images are by Milo Manara. The images were sourced at http://www.juno.co.uk, the text at http://www.boomkat.com.

The selection of tracks on the Disco Rotic compilations are similar to RVNG PRSNTS MX4: Crazy Rhythms (2005) by Mike Simonetti & Dan Selzer, which counted among the best compilations efforts of 2005.

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Bobby O - "I'm So Hot For You"
Giorgio Moroder - "I Wanna Rock You"
Kid - "Kid"
Rinder & Lewis - "Wiilie & The Hand Jive"
The Key - "Wulf Ticket"

More eighties extensions - this time Bobby O offers one of his better known and some what more palatable numbers. it still reeks a big one of moulding cheese to these ears, but then i never was one for hi-nrg clubs. It is quite evident who human league ripped off after hearing this tune. An offcut from Georgio Moroder 'I wanna rock you' drifts along in rather no-descript fashion, until K.I.D. arrive with a welcome dose of the funk, just as all those sequences were starting to get on top. Rinder & Lewis's synthetics sound a whole lot more well conceived - big sounds, funky handclaps and a cosmic approach to disco which really works. The Key's 'Wulf Ticket' rolls on somewhere between proto fey rap and Frankie Goes To Hollywood. okay, enough already. --http://www.boomkat.com/item.cfm?id=16058 [Oct 2005]

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Irene Cara - "Breakdance"
Goblin - "Flashing" (12" remix)
Kebekelektik - "Journey Into Love"
Easy Going - "Do It Again"
Witch Queen - "All Right Now"

Perhaps the pick of the three retro collections on shgow this week, especially if you're after some quality obscurities -Irene Cara's 'Breakdance' is perhaps a little over-familiar, yet Goblin's venerable 'Flashing' in its 12" version will have the electro maffia creaming themselves. Worth price of admission alone and just check the breakdown! Heavy. Kebekelektrik's 'Journey into Love' ploughs a more familiar furrow, and is jarringly familiar. Easy Going's 'Do It Again' picks up on the disco's penchant for soft rock funk, before anyone really understood the whole movement as a genre - a useful track for breaks afficionadoes, although using a compilation would be somewhat sacrosanct. Witch Queen's 'All Right Now' is a mad mad tune - a kind of hoedown disco version of the hairy bearded old Free rocker - strings to the fore. True bad taste and so much the better for it. --http://www.boomkat.com/item.cfm?id=16057 [Oct 2005]

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Vivien Vee - "Alright"
Universal Energy - "Disco Energy"
Patrick Cowley - "Get A Little"
Harry Thurman - "Underwater"
Blue Vision - "Visions"

The third Disco Rotic selection and I think we all know what we’re getting into here. Its quite evident that an unnatural italian obsession can lead to hunting out the rarest Goblin productions. Universal Energy's "Disco Energy" is a safer smoother proposition – good mixer - Patrick Cowley's "Get A Little" offers reason enough to get involved. Harry Thumann's "Underwater" rears its head again and still manages to sound pretty good, Blue Vision's "Visions" maintains the quality levels through side two. Party time! --http://www.boomkat.com/item.cfm?id=18192 [Oct 2005]

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